Back in June, Paramount Pictures revealed that Transformers 5 is currently set for a 2016 release, even though no screenwriter or director have been confirmed yet. Transformers filmmaker Michael Bay, whose last offering Transformers: Age of Extinction is the only 2014 movie to crack $1 billion worldwide so far, revealed in August that he doesn't want to direct the next sequel, even though producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura is still trying to keep him at the helm.

While we wait for Paramount to release any more concrete information about Transformers 5, Peter Cullen, who voices Optimus Prime, revealed that he wants Michael Bay to come back for the sequel.

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"Michael if you're [reading] this, I certainly hope you are coming back."

Of course, this scenario isn't new to fans who have been following the franchise since its inception. Michael Bay stated several times that Transformers: Dark of the Moon would be his last Transformers movie, but he ended up coming back to the helm for this summer's Transformers: Age of Extinction.

Peter Cullen added that his son worked as a stunt man on the Chicago set, and that he has a lot of respect for the filmmaker.

"I have a great deal of respect for him. He generates a great deal of excitement and energy. He's really a hands-on director. My son is a stunt man and worked in Chicago doing a lot of the driving sequences...he said he's a very, very diligent, hands-on guy. He creates a great deal of energy and puts everybody on their toes. I would certainly miss him. I think he's brilliant, his mind is unbelievable."

Despite his desire to see Michael Bay return for Transformers 5, Peter Cullen isn't sure where the franchise is going at this point.

"It would be very difficult me to express any of the future on Transformers, but certainly the excitement that it's generated of where it could possibly go is up to anybody to figure out. I don't have access to any of that information."

Do you think Michael Bay should come back to the helm for Transformers 5? Or is it time a new filmmaker takes the reins on this lucrative franchise? Chime in with your thoughts below.