Ever since production started on Transformers: The Last Knight, there have been a steady stream of videos and photos from the set, thanks to director Michael Bay and the franchise's social media accounts. Yesterday, as part of their #TransfomersTuesday tradition, a new video was released from the set that offers our first look at the "Baybuster." While the "Baybuster" isn't a an Autobot or Decepticon, it is responsible for quite a lot of damage on the Transformers 5 set.

The video debuted on the franchise's Facebook page, which briefly shows Michael Bay on set, before the "Baybuster" is rolled out. This vehicle is equipped with an inclined ramp attached to the hood, that is used to perfectly flip over vehicles on the Transformers 5 set. As we can see in this video, it achieves the perfect flipping action that Michael Bay is looking for, tossing two cars in the air at once.

This video doesn't shed any light on the story, but there was recently a very intriguing development that was confirmed. Liam Garrigan was recently cast as King Arthur, which seemingly confirmed plot rumors that the story centers on Optimus Prime returning to Earth in search of a mysterious artifact, which has ties to both King Arthur and the magician Merlin. Santiago Cabrera, who had previously been cast but whose character was never revealed, is playing Merlin. We're not sure how much of this story will be set in medieval times, but there were recent photos taken from the set on the Scottish island of Skye, that featured a number of actors in medieval armor while riding on horseback.

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Transformers 5 recently caused some controversy when it was revealed that Michael Bay was using the birthplace of Winston Churchill as a Nazi headquarters facility. While several British military veterans spoke out against this decision, Winston Churchill's own grandson defended the production using his grandfather's birthplace. It isn't known how much shooting is left in the U.K., but Paramount has set a June 23, 2017 release date.

The cast includes Mark Wahlberg, Isabela Moner, Jerrod Carmichael, Laura Haddock and Anthony Hopkins. Michael Bay directs from a script by Art Marcum, Matt Holloway and Ken Nolan, who were all part of the Transformers franchise writers room, where they came up with numerous ideas for sequels and spinoffs. Paramount has set a June 23, 2017 release date for Transformers: The Last Knight, which will go up against Sony Pictures' comedy Rock That Body, starring Scarlett Johansson and Kate McKinnon. Take a look at this new video from the set of Transformers: The Last Knight.