Despite a spate of negative reviews, and with just a few weeks left in 2014, Transformers: Age of Extinction remains the only movie all year to crack $1 billion at the box office worldwide, even though it is in fifth place on the domestic charts. With grosses like that, Transformers 5 is likely not too far behind. Though, it still isn't known who will direct, since Transformers franchise director Michael Bay revealed in August that he is not coming back. Transformers: Age of Extinction star Mark Wahlberg has confirmed that he is committed to doing "a couple more" Transformers sequels, with the next movie shooting soon. He even hints that Michael Bay may be returning after all.

"Yeah, I committed to doing a couple more. I can't speak for Mr. Bay, but something tells me we're going to be on the set soon."

Mark Wahlberg isn't the only actor who wants Michael Bay to return as director. Optimus Prime voice actor Peter Cullen revealed in September that he hopes Michael Bay continues on with the franchise he helped create seven years ago with the first Transformers. It's possible that Michael Bay will change his mind, since he initially didn't want to make Transformers: Age of Extinction either, before eventually agreeing to direct.

Paramount Pictures has already set a tentative 2016 release date for Transformers 5, but it isn't known if the project already has a script in place. With Mark Wahlberg returning as Cade Yeager, it seems likely that Nicola Peltz and Jack Reynor, who played Cade's daughter Tessa and her boyfriend Shane, will also be return. Are you excited to see how the story will progress in Transformers 5? Chime in with your thoughts below.