Get ready to see Optimus Prime and maybe even Nazis, because the first trailer for Transformers: The Last Knight is coming very soon. The fifth installment of the Transformers franchise is due out next summer and Michael Bay promised last month that we would see a trailer before the end of the year. We now know that is definitely the case and it could be coming any day now.

The folks over at Trailer Track have revealed that the first trailer for Transformers 5 has been classified, which means it is cut together and has been submitted for review so that it can be released to the public. So it is in the can and good to go. The only question now is just how soon it will drop. The report from Trailer Track also notes that this first trailer clocks in at just over 2 minutes and will be an IMAX exclusive at first. Given that Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them comes out in IMAX this week, it seems very possible that could be where fans can get their first look at Transformers: The Last Knight.

Last month director Michael Bay did a Facebook live broadcast from the set of the movie, where he showed off some of the massive cast, who were all decked out in Braveheart-esque gear. He also revealed that both John Goodman and John Turturro would be returning for this installment. But most importantly, he made it clear that the first trailer for The Last Knight would drop in November or December. Now that the trailer has been approved and is ready to go, it is highly unlikely we will have to wait until December. It is possible that it will only be released in IMAX initially, then released to the public some point later. Paramount had a pretty bad year at the box office though, so they will probably want to get everyone talking about this movie asap. That being the case, they probably won't make us wait too long even if there is an IMAX exclusive release at first.

We still know very little in terms of confirmed plot details about Transformers: The Last Knight, but the things we do know make it seem like this is going to be absolutely insane, even by the standards of a Transformers movie. We know that it will involve King Arthur, Merlin, Nazis and Winston Churchill, in addition to giant transforming alien robots. How or why all of those things are required for a Transformers movie remains to be seen, but hopefully, this first trailer will help shed some light on the mystery.

Mark Wahlberg, Tyrese Gibson and Josh Duhamel are also returning for Transformers: The Last Knight and they will be joined by Isabela Moner, Anthony Hopkins, "Britain's loneliest dog" Freya and Peter Cullen as the voice of Optimus Prime.The movie is set to hit theaters on June 23, 2017. Be on the lookout for the first trailer for Transformers: The Last Knight and we will be sure to keep you updated as any new information becomes available.

Ryan Scott at Movieweb
Ryan Scott