Transformers: Age of Extinction director Michael Bay revealed several new details about his upcoming action sequel, admitting that 2011's Transformers: Dark of the Moon was too "goofy," and that they steered clear of that aspect in this movie.

"I wanted the first Transformers to be very suburban and less cool. This is a much more cinematic one. I focused on keeping this one slick. There won't be any goofiness in this one. We went a bit too goofy [on the last one]."
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The filmmaker also revealed that, despite a brand new cast and characters, Transformers: Age of Extinction is not a reboot.

"It feels like a new chapter, this movie. But it's not a reboot. This movie lives in the history of the Transformers movies, and this one starts three years after the last. It feels fresh."

We also have new details on the story, which centers on Mark Wahlberg's Cade Yeager, an inventor who discovers a buried Transformer, which sets the stage for the Autobots and Decepticons' return. The Earth is said to be "scarred" after the events of the first three movies, with humanity picking up the pieces after the Transformers disappeared.

Nicola Peltz plays Cade's daughter Tessa, with Jack Reynor playing her secret boyfriend Shane Dyson, a race car driver. Stanley Tucci plays the geologist Stanley, with Sophia Myles portraying his assistant, Darcy. Kelsey Grammer portrays the villain, Harold Attinger, with Bingbing Li playing a character described as the CEO of the Chinese Transformers.

Michael Bay also talked about his favorite type of scene to shoot.

"I do big setups. I like to do 'runners', where [the cameras are] with the characters in the war. We're in the thick of it with Mark Wahlberg and Stanley Tucci, and we've got all these things going off."

Mark Wahlberg also talked about working with the director.

"The human element really attracted me. I had a great time working with him on Pain & Gain, and he asked me to come back, so I said, 'Absolutely.' The idea of playing a dad to a teenage girl - those are issues I'll be having to deal with sooner rather than later, whether I like it or not."

The actor also talked about how working on Ted helped to prepare him for this action sequel.

"Having to identify with things that aren't there. The bear prepped me for that. And as embarrassing as doing things like the fight sequence with him were - just throwing myself around a room for 12 hours while the crew just sat eating sandwiches and watching - it taught me how to do this shit."

Michael Bay also spoke about his use of practical effects, and the work of visual effects specialist John Frazier.

"Yeah baby. It's kind of a dying art in Hollywood - nobody does anything for real. John is one of the grand masters of physical effects. He can't hear right because he's done so many explosions. We still hold the Guinness World Record for Pearl Harbor: John rigged 350 bombs in seven seconds. Nowadays I think you would fake a lot of it."

Actress Nicola Peltz also spoke about going to boot camp with Jack Reynor.

"Jack and I did boot camp, which involved boxing and sprinting. We had to get in shape."

When asked about the new vehicles in the sequel, Michael Bay revealed that auto makers began coming to him, once they heard about the movie.

"When car makers heard we were making this fourth one, they'd literally drive cars to my office. I've driven the Veyron - it's pretty cool. They all want to be Autobots, too - no one wants to be a Decepticon."

The director had previously said he wasn't coming back to the franchise after Transformers: Dark of the Moon. However, it was the Transformers-themed ride at Universal Studios which lured him back.

"It was the Transformers ride. It was seeing this two-and-a-half hour line, with all these kids lined up. We started on this movie in August [2012], and while in the writing process I'm conceiving the action. We come up with shots like this and start figuring out the rigs to make it happen. It's a lot of fun.""

While his involvement hasn't been confirmed yet, the director also hinted that he may be back to direct yet another sequel.

"I'm feeling really good about this one. I love my cast. There's a huge scale to this, but also huge soul. Well, it's a director's world... It's a franchise world at the moment. You know, Peter Jackson is still in Middle-earth..."