Transformers fans are in luck, as we're going to explore the Autobots and Decepticons' homeworld of Cybertron explored in a new movie. Bumblebee recently hit theaters and, while it hasn't been doing the business these movies usually do at the box office, it's been received quite well by critics and fans thus far. As such, Paramount is likely going to keep expanding the franchise and that's going to include an all-robot animated movie.

At one point, Paramount launched a writer's room for Transformers and that produced more than a dozen potential projects, one of which took place entirely on Cybertron. Longtime franchise Producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura has been making the rounds promoting Bumblebee and, during a recent interview, revealed that the movie is still happening and that it's going to be animated. Here's what he had to say about it.

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"We actually have an animated movie in the works that will tell the whole Cybertron mythology. The fans will love that."

Bumblebee explores Cybertron a bit, but the movie still largely takes place on Earth. Beyond that, the live-action franchise simply hasn't dealt with the very important location all that much. But as we know, the planet has a long, storied history that could be explored in just such a movie. A war raged between the Autobots and Decepticons for thousands of years, after all.

Not to mention that many people fell in love with Transformers through the 80s cartoon. So why not do a theatrically released animated movie? It worked pretty well for Spider-Man recently. Bumblebee director Travis Knight, in a different interview, recently talked a bit about his desire to see a computer-animated movie that takes place on Cybertron.

"Well, actually it would be wholly animated because the beginning of the movie is completely animated. So, you know, it has live action lighting and textures and everything else, so it has that feeling, but yeah, I would love to see that movie. I gotta tell you... that was one of the biggest thrills for me, in this process, was bringing Cybertron to life and seeing the fall of Cybertron, just a glimpse of it, because that's where the animated series began and we wanted to begin this film in the same manner, to pay tribute to that and it was so much fun. I tried to stuff as much as I possible could into those opening moments, just because that's the movie I've always wanted to see, I would love to see a movie like that, yeah."

Even though it would technically be animated, the CGI would make it look and feel real, much in the same way that Disney's remake of The Lion King looks live-action but isn't technically live-action. For now, there is no word on when this Cybertron movie could actually see the light of day, but we are likely going to hear more from Paramount on the future of the franchise once they see how Bumblebee fares at the box office in the long run.