When Anthony Hopkins says he just doesn't get the story behind Transformers: The Last Knight, he's not trying slam the latest sequel. He's 79 years old, and as any Transformers fan of any age can attest, the last four movies had convoluted, confusing storylines that sometimes didn't make a lick of sense. On that note, the iconic actor does want fans to know he had an absolute blast making the movie.

The Transformers movies have never been accused of having coherent storylines, and it sounds like Transformers: The Last Knight isn't any different. Sure, there was a writers' room with some of the most brilliant screenplay writers in Hollywood helping to hammer out the two hundred and ten page script. But that doesn't mean they were able to come up with something that makes any sense. All in all, that's kind of the charm of a Transformers movie. Who really cares what it's about? As long as there are a lot of explosions, robots and non-stop action?

Sir Anthony Hopkins didn't really known what he was getting himself into when he signed onto play Sir Edmund Burton in The Last Knight. The character has devoted himself to studying the ancestries of humans and Transformers. But Hopkins didn't exactly delve too deep into Burton's backstory, just trying to keep up with what was written on the page. The actor calls the plot 'complicated'.

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Event Magazine, via FemaleFirst, caught up with the actor. And right away, he assured the publication that he wouldn't be able to explain anything that is going on in the movie, aside from his character's purpose.

"You're not going to ask me to explain the plot are you? Because it's so very complicated and there's the whole mythology of four previous films that come into play. I have to admit, I don't quite get all of it."

Ask Anthony Hopkins about his character, and he feels he has a pretty good lock on that aspect of the sequel. And he has nothing but praise for his co-star Mark Wahlberg. He says this.

"All I know is I play a highly educated, eccentric English lord. I had a terrific time making it. Mark Wahlberg was wonderful to work with, the locations were excellent (Northumberland, Norway, Arizona, the Isle of Skye and Stonehenge) and I showed up, put my costume on, said my lines and stayed out of trouble. That's all I ever do. It beats working for a living."

So, there you go. If you walk out of The Last Knight with a billion questions about what just happened, Anthony Hopkins is probably the last person you should talk too about it. Anthony Hopkins might be an Academy Award winning actor, and a classically trained thespian, but he says he'll never shy away from appearing in a giant summer tentpole blockbuster. He loves the so-called 'popcorn' movies. And he's always followed one rule his father offered to him at a young age. 'Go where the money is.' And since his twenties, Hopkins has been trying to do just that.

"And he was right. He told me to go to Hollywood like Richard Burton and make some cash. That's why I came to Los Angeles all those years ago [in the mid-Seventies] and I fell in love with the sunshine, it's a great place to make a good living."

Now, hearing all of this, you might think that Anthony Hopkin's Oscar winning performance as Hannibal Lecter in Silence of the Lambs and his role as Sir Edmund Burton in Transformers 5 didn't have anything in common. That couldn't be further from the truth. In fact, he approached both movies the exact same way. Though, he understood what was going on in Silence of the Lambs. But he doesn't think it is his greatest performance by far.

"No, no, definitely not. I learned my lines, showed up and was herded into my glass box. It was a good role but for me my best performances have been in Remains Of The Day, Nixon and The World's Fastest Indian, not Silence Of The Lambs. The best thing about that film was that it got me back out of the theatre. I'd done six months and the boredom had kicked in."

Anthony Hopkins won't just be seen in the huge blockbuster Transformers: The Last Knight, he also will return to reprise Odin in Thor: Ragnarok, who has taken human form and is living on the streets of New York as a vagrant. Let's hope that Marvel script was a little more coherent than the collage of transforming robots that will be unleashed on us this summer.

B. Alan Orange