Late last week, Transformers fans were told by Hasbro that the movie franchise was heading into reboot territory following the release of Bumblebee. However, Hasbro is telling fans "don't believe what you hear," when it comes to the Transformers franchise cleansing. This is interesting, since Hasbro reportedly told investors that Paramount was going to go through and reboot the live-action franchise after the release of Bumblebee later this year.

The news of a Transformers reboot came with a reaction of excitement from fans who have not been too pleased with the franchise as of late. The Last Knight came out this past summer and really did not meet expectations for fans or the box office, leading many to speculate that a major change was on the horizon. So, the announcement that a reboot was on the way was a breath of fresh air to fans who have been waiting for the Transformers franchise to get it right. The Bumblebee movie appears to be taking it down a notch and bringing the franchise back to its roots, which has fans excited, but will the reboot really happen or not?

Reports from the Hasbro presentation during the New York Toy Fair say that the reboot is more than likely not happening. When asked about the reboot rumors, a Hasbro brand manager told the crowd, "Don't believe what you hear, don't worry." First of all, nobody was worried. It was quite the opposite, actually. So, why would a message of semi-denial come out now? As it turns out, many believe that the public announcement of a Transformers franchise reboot could hurt Bumblebee at the box office.

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Transformers fans might be less willing to check out the Bumblebee movie if the idea is to completely reboot the franchise directly after. Basically, this denial could just be a bit of recovery mode to ensure that profits are maximized for Bumblebee, which already has plenty of competition at the box office when it debuts this winter. That being said, if the reboot is not happening, a director and cast should be announced soon for the next installment in the Transformers franchise since it has an official release date of June 28th, 2019. These movies take time to make and put together, so an announcement will more than likely be made, one way or another, soon.

A reboot seems like the most logical plan for Paramount and Hasbro at this time and it will probably happen but won't be announced publicly for a while. Hasbro has recently expanded their deal with Paramount to include franchises like the Micronauts and Dungeons and Dragons, which already points to change coming. Transformers will have to adapt to survive in a new market, especially after the total failure of The Last Knight. You can read the original report about Hasbro semi-denying a reboot from Bleeding Cool.

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