Transformers producer Tom DeSanto is set to produce the reality TV show Declassified. According to Variety, the show will be a military-themed docudrama.

The show will revolve around the members of a U.S. special operations force. While the war in Iraq will be one focus, the series will also explore foiled terrorist plots in other parts of the world.

DeSanto said about the series, "It's like a real-life 24 . We want to use big re-creations and high-tech graphics, along with first-hand accounts, to get the drama across."

The plan is to make the series as cinematic as possible. President of Production house 44 Blue Rasha Drachkovitch stated, "Every episode will be a mini-event, with all the drama and intensity of a major motion picture. These are blockbuster stories, stories that would be like Saving Private Ryan or Under Siege.