As production continues on Transformers: The Last Knight, a new video from the set has surfaced with"Anthony Hopkins and a special friend, although they may have been upstaged by an actual Transformer. The Turkish car company Letvision debuted a new video today that offers a first look at their real Transformer vehicle called the Letron. While it seems there is still some work left to be done, the video is impressive, nonetheless.

The YouTube video begins with what appears to be a standard red BMW, which then completely transforms into a massive robot. We don't know if this transforming car will actually be put up for sale or not, but for those expecting a rapid transformation like in Michael Bay's movies, you may be disappointed. Still, the technology used here is quite impressive. The car company revealed on YouTube that an official promo video is coming soon, so stay tuned.

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As for Transformers 5, we reported a few months ago that director Michael Bay had cast the so-called "lonliest dog in Britain" in the movie. This dog named Freya had spent her entire six year lifespan living in a local pound, and was rejected by more than 18,000 people who came through. The director revealed that he would find a good home for the dog as well as give her a part in the movie, and today's latest set video, posted to the Transformers Facebook page, shows Freya acting alongside Anthony Hopkins.

We also hear from Michael Bay himself in this video, along with the dog's new owner, who has rescued several other pets. We don't know much about Freya's actual role, but it seems she's in good hands, being walked by Anthony Hopkins himself. We don't know much else about the scene being shot, but we can see a large tank visible in one of the shots.

As for this real-life Transformer, there is no affiliation between this high-tech car and Transformers 5, but there is still several months left before the sequel hits theaters on June 23, 2017. It's possible this car company could strike some sort of promotional deal with the sequel, but nothing is in the works as of yet. Take a look at these new videos below for Transformers: The Last Knight.