Even though Transformers have been around since the 80s, the U.S. military has yet to unveil a real-working robot in disguise for use in battle. So leave it to the Russians to get there first. A new video from Ruptly TV shows off a life-sized Transformers that is packing a lot of heat. And it was made by a Russian stuntman.

Since debuting in the mid-80s as an animated TV series, comic book, and action figure line, these toys have long captured the imagination of children and adults alike. Both the Autobots and Decepticons are capable of transforming into various cars, trucks, planes, guns and even dinosaurs. They are never not fun. But now, one Russian stuntman and his son are taking it to the next level. They aren't content with playing shoot-em-up with their Transformers toys in the backyard. They are building their own living, breathing (sort of) robot capable of changing into a car at a moments notice. And, oh, boy! Did they succeed.

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 Gennadi Kocherga has built his own working Autobot, which comes strapped with a machine gun. He was inspired to build this transforming vehicle after coming across a transforming RC car at a swap meet in Singapore. Though, he wouldn't reveal if it was a true Transformer or some kind of Asian knock-off being sold on the cheap in the middle of a street off a blanket. Whatever it was, it inspired him to build the real thing.

You can see the working Transformer in the video below, which also includes an interview with  Kocherga. The man and his son have been working on plans to take a real car and turn it into a Transformer since the end of last year. The result is called a Lada. It is a Russian-made vehicle that has been morphed into a one-off hatchback that can transform from car to machine-gun toting Robot overlord in 20 seconds flat. You can see it roaming the Russian city of Oryol alongside some very apprehensive onlookers. Says Ruptly TV about the robot.

"A father and son team inspired by the 'Transformers' film have created their own car-robot, built from a Russian-made 'Lada' vehicle. The Russian version of the Optimus Prime Transformer was demonstrated at a stunt show in Oryol, Thursday. SOT, Gennadi Kocherga, head of the stuntmen theatre, sports and entertainment performances (Russian): "This year, I was in Singapore and I visited a Chinese market, where I saw a toy car driving around. And it was rising up and coming down [as a Transformer], so I bought it. Then I came home and before New Year's Eve, we began to work on it and wrap it up. We tested it and remastered it a few times because a toy is a toy. But [we took] the general concept and the idea and that is the result. It looks like a world-class car, it can drive and shoot, it performs the same tricks as seen in the film, in the cartoons. The next year, we plan to build another two cars, based on the same concept. We already have a lot of unusual ideas."

This Lada has officially been named Optimus Gennadievich Prime. Though, the whole contraption is still a little too shaky to make its way onto any real battlefield. It is not clear if OGP, as some are lovingly referring to her, has the ability to fire off live rounds of ammunition. We've seen working Transformers before, but this one is incredibly impressive.

The real working Transformer, complete with guns and all, makes her debut in a summer that will be especially important to the Transformers franchise. Michael Bay returns to direct Transformers: The Last Knight, which will (supposedly) be his final movie for the series. But it is also kicking off a new quasi-reboot of the entire saga, that will be followed by a Bumblebee spin-off next year, and then a true sequel in 2019. Right now, Paramount has no plans to ever end the Transformers sequel factory, and they promise to churn out new movies for eternity. Perhaps the only thing that can end the madness is this real life gun slinging robot in disguise.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange