After a number of recent announcements, Paramount finally gave up some actual details about the upcoming latest installment of the Transformers franchise and it is good news for Beast Wars fans everywhere. We have already seen more Decepticons than you could throw a gear stick at, and we have had the Dinobots, all be it for a very short bit of screen time, and it now looks like the series is heading into the Beast Wars as its next stopping point as Paramount revealed the movie title will be Transformers: Rise of The Beasts.

During the presentation, Lorenzo di Bonaventura and Steven Caple Jr also revealed that fan favorite Beast Wars characters will appear in the project as they try to do something new and exciting to the franchise. Also the fact that the movie is set in 1994 and will see Optimus Prime back as the main hero, was shared, meaning that while they are going to be do something new, they are also bringing back something old.

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"We wanted to give the audience a lot of new," Bonaventura said. "We have exhausted I would say the battle between the Autobots and Decepticons. How do we find a new set of villains and priorities, saving the world is left to the Autobots and in this case the Maximals. Part of the new news, if you've seen the other movies, you're going to see villains you've never seen before and a lot of elements we've never done before." He later commented that while Decepticons do appear in the movie, the main villains will be the Terrorcons.

Speaking about having Prime back at the heart of the movie, and with a very G1 design, Caple Jr. added, "I care so much about this character and I saw Bumblebee. I wanted to get underneath the metal if you will and explore his experience on earth, and he's my main robot, are we going G1, yes, we are going G1 Optimus Prime."

The movie will adapt stories from the Beast Wars franchise, which has over the time included video games, books an animated TV series and comic books, so there are plenty of places that they could go if they decide to make this a separate franchise all of its own. The original animated series ran between 1996 and 1999, featuring Maximal and Predacons as descendants of the Autobots and Decepticons, so creating some kind of hybrid cross-over for the movie seems like it could be just the thing the Transformers movie franchise needs.

As was previously reported, this is not the only Transformers movie currently in the production, and when it comes to movies based on toy franchises, it really is a case of you can't keep a good robot down. Anthony Ramos and Dominque Fishback are signed on as the lead humans of the movie, and it looks to build on the success of the new feel of the Transformers movies that was so fresh in Bumblebee. The movie is expected to not truly begin production until next year, so it is still going to be a long time before we actually see the robots in disguise arrive on the big screen again.