The Transformers: Producer Don Murphy commented on his official site that a screenwriter for the upcoming big screen adaptation of The Transformers has been found.

We have a screenwriter that we are all very excited about. RELATED: Optimus Prime Rolls Out in Latest Transformers: Rise of the Beasts Set Video

He fits all my dream parameters- he knows the mythology, is very POP in his writing, is the right age (20s) and shops at my comic book shop regularly so I know him at least a little bit. The deal is being ironed out as we speak so I cannot say more- but with him involved we can stay on target for Summer 06 and create an amazing fun film. More as it happens.

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The film will be based on the popular line of action toys from Hasbro that came and went in the 80s. The toys had the ability to transform from ordinary machines into giant robots and animals. For more on the Transformers mythos, CLICK HERE

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