It was announced by Brian Frons, president, Daytime, Disney-ABC Television Group, that All My Children will cast transgender actors and actresses to play themselves as support group members for an upcoming episode of the popular drama. These sessions will be unscripted, a first for All My Children, as the actors and actresses will be encouraged to engage in an open, honest discussion to share their true life stories, as these relate to their own coming out and the transition processes.

In the episode to air March 9, Zoe (Jeffrey Carlson), a transgender woman who has recently come out to the denizens of Pine Valley, attends support group sessions to help get through her transition. Additionally, Jennifer Boylan, a transgender author, professor and expert commentator on transgender issues, has been cast in the role of the support group leader.

"In continuing our realistic portrayal of Zoe's journey of transition, headwriter Megan McTavish designed transgender support group scenes featuring transgender actors and actresses. The audience will be given the rare opportunity, along with Zoe, to experience the real unscripted stories and issues experienced by real transgender men and women playing themselves. We are very proud to showcase their compelling stories," says executive producer Julie Hanan Carruthers.

For 37 years All My Children has established itself as the leader in daytime dramas by educating through entertaining. Over the past three decades, viewers have watched the characters deal with both social and personal issues, including abortion, HIV and AIDS, substance abuse, eating disorders and more. In 2000 television history was made when "All My Children" became the first daytime drama to incorporate a lesbian character, Bianca Montgomery (Eden Riegel), in a contract role. In 2003 another historic moment was made when the show aired daytime television's first same-sex kiss between two women in a loving relationship.

All My Children celebrated its 37th Anniversary on January 5, 2007. The program has successfully maintained its popularity and continues to be one of daytime's most compelling dramas. "All My Children" took home the 1998 Emmy® Award for Outstanding Daytime Drama Series, the third time the show received this top honor, having also garnered the award in 1994 and 1992. In 2004 the show also received its third consecutive Emmy® Award for Outstanding Daytime Drama Series Writing, its third Writers Guild Award and its third GLAAD Media Award in April of 2004.

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