Both huge stars of the '80s, Bruce Willis and Steve Guttenberg have never starred together in a movie. That all changes this holiday season with the action thrillride Trauma Center. The man that made Die Hard a true Christmas classic and the driving force behind the original Police Academy movies are teaming up for what can only be described as a must-see outing this December.

Today, Lionsgate has dropped the first trailer for Trauma Center, and action fans aren't going to want to miss this. No way, no how. Along with the first look footage, we also have a series of photos, which also feature Bruce Willis' main co-star in the movie Nicky Whelan.

Bruce Willis stars in the heart-pounding action-thriller Trauma Center arriving in select theaters and everywhere On Demand on Friday, December 6 from Lionsgate. In this non-stop thrill ride, Willis portrays a police detective determined to solve the murder of his partner and an informant, at the same time protect an injured young woman (Nicky Whelan) who was witness to the killings. The film also stars Steve Guttenberg.

Screen legend Bruce Willis plays Lt. Wakes, a vengeful police detective determined to solve the murders of his partner and an informant. Wakes joins forces with Madison (Whelan), a witness injured during the shootings. After the killers pursue Madison across the abandoned floor of a hospital, she confirms Wakes' worst fears: the two men are actually corrupt vice cops covering up a crime. As Wakes vows revenge, this heart-pounding action-thriller reaches an explosive climax.

The movie is directed by Matt Eskandari, who got his directorial start with Game of Assassins in 2013. He next directed the horror thriller 12 Feet Deep in 2017. He must have enjoyed working with Bruce Willis on Trauma Center, as his next project once again teams him up with the Die Hard legend, with both collaborating on the 2020 action thriller The Long Night.

Steve Guttenberg was an '80s powerhouse, headlining four Police Academy movies, including the 1984 original. He also appeared in Cocoon and its sequel Cocoon: The Return. He acted alongside Johnny-5 in Short Circuit, and was one of the three men in 3 Men and a Baby and 3 Men and a Little Lady. He sort of fell off in the 90s, but has been making a quiet, welcome comeback over the past couple of years.

Steve Guttenberg is, no doubt, one of the many '80s legends. And it's truly exciting to see him team up with other '80s action legend Bruce Willis, who has been wading around in the direct-to-VOD market for the past couple of years. We're sure this won't become any kind of classic, but Trauma Center looks like it will deliver on its fun premise, and seeing Bruce Willis and Steve Guttenberg together for the first time makes it a definite must-see this holiday season. This trailer comes direct from Lionsgate.

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