Packing an open and curious mind, a strong stomach, and a healthy appetite for travel, internationally renowned chef and food writer, Andrew Zimmern knows all about the global pantry, and is prepared to share that knowledge with viewers. On Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern, premiering February 26 at 9 PM (ET/PT), he sets out to taste local delicacies from around the globe -- even when the delicacies are goat's head, tongue salad, and pigeon pie.

Through his own extensive travel background, Andrew has determined that one of the best ways to understand a culture fully is by learning about the traditional fare that has fed the native population for centuries. He knows that what seems foreign, unusual, and even highly unappetizing on one side of the planet may be a sacred dish on the other. Partaking in such experiences often proves the best way to appreciate a new culture and see the country.

Holding tight to the mantra, "If it looks good, eat it, and if it tastes good have seconds", Andrew tastes his way around the world eating lamb's eyes, boiled cow hooves, fried crickets, snail porridge, and even jellied moose nose. Exposing the beauty of both the locations and the traditions behind the foods he consumes, he broadens the viewers' culinary horizons, and encourages their palates to venture outside grilled cheese sandwiches and hamburgers and take a chance to taste the world!

Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern takes Andrew to the kitchens, open markets and cafes of Morocco, Spain, the Philippines, Ecuador, New York City, the United Kingdom, Scotland, the Gulf Coast, Papua New Guinea, Australia, Alaska, China, Tibet, and Mongolia, sampling an eclectic array of local cuisine.