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Monday, September 24, 2001 12:12PM PDT - by Steve

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Lights Out has made some new friends! We've joined forces with the good people over at 13th for in depth coverage of horror/sci-fi movies! Check out a special 2-part interview with the FX guys behind the third installment in the greatest giant-kill-worm action/horror genre known to man: Tremors 3! Click here and see how subterranean monsters are made.

Everybody’s favorite Jewish animated critic is back! Check out former prime time cartoon guy Jay Sherman (voice talent by John Luvitz) in the latest installment of the internet resurrected net show, The Critic! This episode: Pearl Harbor.

Looks like Beach Party Barbie is gonna hafta find a new beach, cause darkside crazy guy Darth Maul is gonna be cutting things in half and showing the skin. That’s right, the interesting people over at Hasbro have conceived the next thrilling action figure to grace next year’s Star Wars toy line: Shirtless Darth Maul (beach ball and SPF 40 sold separately). Next season: Prepubescent Chewbacca and Speedo Han Solo!

Movie Picture
While the movie world is short one Spiderman teaser, because of World Trade Center references, all is not lost in terms to seeing any sneak peeks at the (hopefully not postponed) May 2000 film; Ain’t It Cool has some publicity shots, while tells us of an all new trailer hitting theaters December 19th. For everyone looking for a Spiderman Trailer, we've posted a copy of the industry trailer that played at The E3 Expo. Get over to our Hollywood Trailers to watch it!

Terrorists want to end American culture in as many ways as they can- first by indirectly causing us to pull movies out of scheduled release dates, then by threatening to take out Hollywood studios themselves. Last Friday, the FBI warned Hollywood studios of an unspecified terrorist threat, causing evacuations and tram-tour cancellations. According to a Japanese Kyodo News service, lovable dictator Saddam Hussein stated, "When we watched what was happening in America for the first time, we thought it might be another American movie. Later we found out that it was a real movie." Silly Saddam.

Doing their part to help out those hurt in 9-11’s tragic events, The National Association of Theater Owners have decided to make this Tuesday (Sept. 25th) “Victim’s benefit day at the movies,” where every profit made will be split between the American Red Cross and the United Way. Want more details? Click here.

Have fun... ~Steve

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