Michael Gross has announced that he has read the first draft of the Tremors 7 script. Fans of the franchise were given a holiday treat when Gross confirmed that he had officially signed on to take part in the sequel late last year. The actor estimates that the production will more than likely start in the fall of this year, though that has yet to be officially announced at this time. Gross admitted that he would be on the hunt for "Graboids and other nefarious forms of wildlife" in the near future.

In a new update, Michael Gross says that Tremors 7 is starting to move forward. After his announcement late last year, fans have been wondering where the seventh installment will take Burt Gummer this time around. While we all still don't know, Gross has a better idea as of this weekend. He explains.

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"Burt Gummer and Tremors fans will want to know I read the first draft of Tremors 7 this weekend, and it is not sh*t! Lots of good stuff and good ideas from our initial story conferences at Universal Pictures, but still much to do to get it just right."

Michael Gross is a straight shooter, alerting fans that the first Tremors 7 script still needs some work, which isn't something that we hear too often in the entertainment industry. It's also refreshing to hear that the studio is taking their time to get it right. Gross is the only actor to have appeared in all six movies and will be starring in the seventh when it's time. For now, it seems that the highly anticipated sequel is still in the very early stages of development.

Kevin Bacon appeared in 1990's Tremors, but opted to stay away from the sequel because the first installment didn't perform very well at the box office. The actor didn't think it would be a good career move at the time. However, Bacon has talked about the movie a lot in the past and admits that his character is "the only character I've ever played that I was interested in exploring 25 years later." Does this mean that he might return for Tremors 7? It's too early to tell, but probably not since the Tremors TV series that he was going to star in was recently canceled.

As for Michael Gross, the actor revealed that he had ideas for Tremors 7 when they were making the sixth movie, but he was keeping them to himself. For now, it looks like things are running smoothly and that Gross is confident in the project, which is all that we can ask for at this point in time. Gross will more than likely keep us all informed as to when casting and production will begin, so we'll keep an eye out. You can read the latest Tremors 7 update below, courtesy of Michael Gross' Facebook account.