Tremors: Original Showdown: According to Creature Corner, another Tremors flick is going straight to video. This time, it's prequel to all of the previous films set in 1898.

"The 'Tremors' franchise returns to it's roots with the latest installment in the series - a prequel! After the disappointment of the 2nd and 3rd installments, the creative team is back in true form with this tale of the Gummer family's first run-in with those nasty Graboids. Michael Gross returns to play Hiram Gummer, a rich Easterner who journeys West to find out why his family's last holding - a silver mine - has been shut down. Gummer bands together with the remaining locals to fight the underground menace.

I recently had the pleasure of seeing this direct-to-video feature presented digitally in Los Angeles. I have to tell you, it was a lot of fun. The supporting cast is having a blast, especially Billy Drago and J.E. Freeman, who chew more scenery than the monsters. The locales are beautiful, and from what I've heard, cast and crew dealt with all manner of inclemement weather during production. The FX are wonderful, and the best part is that it's mostly practical, not CGI! We get to see baby Graboids, and some new behavior. The whole Western vibe feels authentic, and you have to love a movie that uses a vintage steam tractor as an implement of graboid destruction...

While it isn't on par with the original feature (a classic of the 90's), it definitely is head and shoulders above the previous sequels."

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