Back in November, news broke that a new TV series is being developed based on the 1990 cult classic Tremors, with Kevin Bacon in the lead. He starred in the original as monster hunter Valentine McKee, and is coming back to both star in and executive produce the continuation of this popular horror franchise. Unfortunately, we haven't heard anything further about this TV series since then. Thankfully, Kevin Bacon revealed today that the project is still very much in development. It is being planned as a 10-episode mini-series. Unfortunately, we don't know much else at this point.

Kevin Bacon himself shared the news today during a video Q&A session on his Twitter page, where he was asked by a fan if he'd actually consider making another Tremors movie. Sadly, the actor doesn't shed any light on the story, or when the series may air, but it seems the miniseries is still in active development. Here's what the actor had to say below.

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"I would love to make another Tremors. In fact, we're working on a 10-episode miniseries for Tremors right now. I think it'd be great."

The series, which will be produced by Jason Blum's Blumhouse and Universal Cable Productions, will be based on the original movie, which follows two ranch hands who discover massive, killer worms terrorizing a small town. The original movie also starred Fred Ward, Finn Carter, Reba McIntire and Michael Gross, the later of which went on to star in all of the Tremors straight-to-video movie sequels, including last year's Tremors 5: Bloodlines. We don't know for sure if Michael Gross will be returning as Burt Gummer quite yet, but hopefully we'll get more details soon.

Andrew Miller (The Secret Circle) is writing the script for this small screen adaptation, which will return to the fictional Nevada desert town of Perfection, where all the action in the first movie took place. Our original report revealed that the project was being shopped around to networks, and there was speculation that it may eventually land at Syfy, which aired the original Tremors TV series. That show only lasted for 13 episodes back in 2003, so we'll have to see how this new incarnation will fare. While we wait for more on Tremors, take a look at Kevin Bacon's brief video below.