The Hollywood community is in mourning once again, only this time, for a young man who passed far before his prime. Trevor Habberstad, a stuntman and stunt coordinator who most recently worked on X-Men: Apocalypse, Doctor Strange and Passengers, passed away on Sunday at the age of 27. The stuntman succumbed to a rare form of cancer. Trevor Habberstad was on a family vacation in Hawaii last year when he began to feel stomach pain that doctors initially thought was appendicitis, but after another evaluation, it was revealed that he actually had gastric cancer.

Jeff Habberstad, Trevor's father and a stuntman/stunt coordinator as well, told KHTS News in their hometown of Santa Clarita, California that they just found out about a week and a half ago that the cancer had spread into the late stuntman's brain. Jeff Habberstad served as a stunt coordinator for director Bryan Singer on 2014's X-Men: Days of Future Past and last year's X-Men: Apocalypse, which Trevor Habberstad both worked on as well. After word of his death spread, Bryan Singer took to Instagram, posting a photo of both Trevor Habberstad and his younger brother Shane Habberstad on the set of X-Men: Apocalypse, along with the following tribute to Trevor.

"#Stuntman #TrevorHabberstad(left), Son of #JeffHabberstad, my stunt cordinator over the last two #XMen films, and older brother of #ShaneHabberstad (right), passed away recently from a rare and aggressive form of cancer at the young age of 27. Trevor was a #stuntcoordinator in his own right, and would have gone on to become one of the greats. His skill, commitment to safety, and work ethic was second to none. In my 20 year career I have never lost a friend/colleague this way. He and his entire family are among the kindest people I have ever met. My heart goes out to them. His passing is the very definition of the word UNFAIR. Trevor appears in a small cameo in #Xmendaysoffuturepast when #Wolverine is being pulled from the water. But his work is EVERYWHERE throughout every film he has done."

Jeff Habberstad also revealed to the KHTS News team that he started Trevor working films at the young age of five years old, in a horse-riding scene with Andy Garcia in Steal Big, Steal Little. He was later cast in Face/Off as the son of John Travolta's character, but the father made his son promise that he would graduate from high school and go to college before he helped them break into the industry. After graduating as an accomplished track athlete at Canyon High, Trevor Habberstad attended the University of Washington, where he competed in the decathlon. Jeff Habberstad also issued a statement on Instagram following his son's passing, which you can read below.

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"My biggest fear in life would be to outlive my child. That nightmare has happened. I spent over 8 months watching my first-born son Trevor fight this horrible rare disease. He never complained once, never said 'why me,' never gave up, never lost hope, never considered losing as an option. But that disease was relentless. Every time he would start to make a gain, it would change direction and punch him in the gut. And he would get back up and lead the new charge. I am so proud. I don't know how I can live without him, work without him, play without him. I miss him so much."

Trevor Habberstad had over 50 stunt credits to his name, such as the original Spider-Man, Lady in the Water, Hot Tub Time Machine, The Last Airbender, X-Men: First Class, Horrible Bosses, Crazy Stupid Love and Captain America: The First Avenger. Over the last few years, he began doubling for the stars such as for Justin Timberlake in In Time, Chris Pine in This Means War and doubling as the Iron Patriot in Iron Man 3. More recently, he began serving as a stunt coordinator on films such as American Sniper, Barely Lethal, Ant-Man and Why Him?, just to name a few. Take a look at the Instagram posts below featuring some candid photos of the late Trevor Habberstad, courtesy of director Bryan Singer and Trevor's father Jeff Habberstad.