With the DVD and Blu-ray release of the anticipated horror film Trick 'r Treat, the film's director revealed he's interested in making a sequel. MTV Movies Blog recently spoke with Trick 'r Treat writer-director Michael Dougherty who spoke about new ideas for a sequel.

"Yeah, I have to say that the excitement over the past few months of watching the film grow has started to jumpstart some ideas, and I know how the next one ends," Dougherty revealed to us this week, saying he's already brainstorming "Trick 'r Treat 2" ideas in response to the film's cult fanbase explosion. "If this [DVD release] does become something, if it catches executives off-guard, it might [get sequels]. I would love to do them."

Dougherty also said that he knows who the villian would be for a follow-up, although he isn't quite revealing who that would be.

"I know how the next one ends, I know who the main villain would be - let's just say that there's a whole contingent of people out there who hate Halloween, who try to convince people that Halloween is a genuinely evil holiday that should be avoided. And I'd like to see Sam go up against one of those types," he explained. "No, no [it's not a character from the first film]. I just know the type of character - when I sat down to write 'Trick 'r Treat,' I knew that the final battle would be between Sam and a kind of Scrooge - Brian Cox's character is very much Scrooge for Halloween. I know who that antagonist would be in the next film."

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