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According to "The Matrix Online," the now late Aaliyah had completed 80% of her shots for The Matrix: Reloaded and The Matrix 3. As one of the leading ladies in two of the most anticipated films for the next couple years, her death not only comes as a tragedy, but a huge obstacle for filmmakers to creatively jump over.

Every movie spawns a trilogy nowadays, and Austin Powers 3 is no exception. In pre-production as we speak, we'll be seeing the same characters from The Spy Who Shagged Me along with a Tom Cruise/Ethan Hunt (from Mission Impossible) cameo and a new Mike Myers bad guy.

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Speaking of trilogies, the Terminator 3 Seth Green craziness has been cited by Darkhorizons.com as a couple of English radio DJ's spitting out their casting wish list. Thank god. Now if we can just get Cameron (busy doing True Lies 2) to complete the best trilogy since Indiana Jones. Either way, the Arnold comeback is upon us! To celebrate, vote for the American release of Conan the Destroyer: S.E., which includes scenes that make it a little harder to swallow than the saccharine PG theatrical version Arnold called "a mistake." But Conan's not the only petition going on this week.

This weekend Disney is re-releasing Pearl Harbor in honor of Labor day (or is it memorial?), stirring up angry fans (and Pearl Harbor survivors) wanting to see a theatrical release of the R-rated directors cut which hits DVD in January. To help out with this movement, Michael Bay.com has started an online petition urging Disney to give audiences a better look at the director's vision and to make it a little more graphic. Click here and get your sign on.

While May 2002 may seem like a painfully long time to wait for the new Spiderman flick, avid fans can be temporarily held over with press conference footage of the cast and crew. Just go to the website, hit "features" then "press conference," where you'll be given the option to see the entire 40 minute thing, or excerpts set to generic techno music.

And finally, check out these pictures from this falls Time Machine. Though these were taken in New York, I gotta see some remnants of the set at Universal Studios over in L.A. That, and an exploded building Michael Jackson was using a few days earlier.

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