Nearly thirty years later, Arnold Schwarzenegger is still trying to get a sequel to Twins going. He's talked about the follow-up to his hit 80s comedy for a long time now, but it sounds like Twins 2, officially titled Triplets, is actually getting off the ground this time. Schwarzenegger recently revealed that the script for Triplets is almost done and, if all goes well, they will actually film the movie early next year.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is currently promoting his new movie Killing Gunther, which puts his comedy chops to use. While making the press rounds, Schwarzenegger was asked about the status of Triplets and he revealed that the script will be done any day now, and original director Ivan Reitman is very happy with where it's at. If they can polish the script up, Triplets may start filming early next year. Here's what he had to say about it.

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"I had a conversation yesterday with my agent and he said that the script will be finished in 14 days. Ivan Reitman is extremely happy with what he's seen so far, he just wants to make a few tweaks, so that's music to my ears. I think sometime beginning of next year we can shoot the film. Everyone is happy to do this movie."

The 70-year-old star has been talking about Triplets for quite some time, but with the script nearing completion, it sounds like this sequel could happen. As the title implies, the movie will center on Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito discovering that they have another long-lost brother, who is set to be played by Eddie Murphy.

Even though Schwarzenegger seems quite certain Triplets will happen, there's reason to think it may take longer than he's hoping. For one, he's been trying to get the movie made for twenty years, by his own account, so this has been on the burner for a very long time. Also, he's scheduled to appear in Terminator 6, which is said to start filming in March of 2018. That would certainly interfere with his hopes of shooting Triplets at the "beginning of next year." Then again, we don't know how big his role is going to be in the new Terminator movie. And it's also possible, however unlikely, that he could shoot Triplets then move on and do Terminator 6, but that would make for a very tight schedule.

Twins was released in 1988 and, despite not being critically well received, the movie did quite well at the box office. The movie grossed $216 million worldwide, working from just a $15 million budget. Moviegoers have not been kind to long-awaited sequels, for the most part, so there's reason to think that Triplets could have a tough time reaping the same kind of rewards. In any case, this new update from Arnold Schwarzenegger to Business Insider makes it seem like the movie is going to happen.