Arnold Schwarzenegger doesn't want to give up on reviving some of his most iconic movie roles. Even though his last turn as Terminator didn't do what anyone hoped it would and with his Conan sequel now dead in the water, it looks like we are going to finally get that Twins sequel everyone has been begging for. According to him, the movie is a top priority and could begin filming sometime this year.

The actor recently spoke with Entertainment Weekly about his upcoming movie Aftermath, but the conversation turned to his long-gestating sequel to the 1988 comedy Twins, which is going to be titled Triplets. The movie will star Eddie Murphy as the third brother, which is a pretty obvious comedic angle when looking at him next to Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito. It turns out that, as things have shuffled around a bit, the movie has become his top priority and that he hopes to start shooting it before year's end. Here is what he had to say about it.

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"We are just now working on Triplets. That is on top of the list, for me. Because I've been trying to do that for 20 years. Ivan Reitman (the director of Twins) believes in it. Danny DeVito believes in it, who always believed in it, and Eddie Murphy believes in it. It's going to be terrific! So, we are looking forward to that."

Twins came out nearly thirty years ago and it wasn't exactly met with critical acclaim. The movie centered on a pair of genetically engineered twins, played by Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito, who were supposed to have the best traits of a bunch of different men. However, the mother gave birth to two kids, one of which got all of the superior traits and one of which got all of the not-so-superior traits. The two are separated at birth but then are eventually reunited. Zaniness ensues.

Despite the lack of critical acclaim, Twins was very successful at the box office. The movie made $216 million worldwide working from a reported budget of just $15 million. Even by today's standards, any Hollywood studio would be very happy with that. Interestingly enough, Arnold Schwarzenegger claims that he made the most money he has ever made from Twins, which is part of the reason that he has wanted to make Triplets for so long. He made the deal with Ivan Reitman and Danny DeVito, literally on a napkin, to make the movie. Here is what he had to say about it on The Nerdist Podcast back in 2014.

"We all went to work. He went to hype it to Universal Studios, the idea with the napkin that says, 'I have the agreement from Arnold and Danny and I have mine. I signed right here that I'm gonna direct it.' And the brilliant thing that we did was, when they came back to me and said, 'How much do you want for the movie?' I said, 'Nothing.' And they said, 'What do you mean nothing?' I said, 'Just give me backend. Let Danny, Ivan and me own 40 percent of the movie as a package and never take one dollar.' And they said, 'Wow. This is great. If you don't have to pay the heavy-hitters, we can make the movie for $18 million.' And so they made the movie for $18 million, we owned the back end. You know, 40 percent, and the movie went through the roof, internationally and domestically. And I think we all made more money on that movie than on anything we've ever done."

With that said, it is no secret why the original team would be on board for Triplets. They would all own a piece of the sequel and could stand to make a killing. But long-delayed sequels have not been doing all that well recently. Zoolander 2 absolutely tanked last year, for example. So it is hard to know how Triplets would do. But with a good cast and a great director in Ivan Reitman, who knows? It was last reported that Josh Gad was working on the script for Triplets back in 2015, but that could have changed by now. In any case, if Arnold Schwarzenegger has his way, Triplets will actually be getting made this year.