Take off at "warped" speed for an unforgettable trip into "outrageous" space when Anchor Bay Entertainment, an IDT Entertainment Company, unleashes Tripping The Rift: The Complete First Season on DVD. Available on October 25th with a hardly astronomic SRP of $29.98, the three-disc set contains all thirteen episodes from the irreverent Sci-Fi Channel series, melding cutting-edge CGI animation with a lusty and wicked sense of humor that spans the known universe. Tripping The Rift: The Complete First Season DVD also contains bonus features including character and artwork galleries, and the complete episode teleplays via DVD-ROM.

Currently airing on cable's Sci-Fi Channel, where it premiered as a primetime series in 2003, Tripping the Rift is the co(s)mic saga of five misfits who live, work and play on the starship Jupiter 42, which is controlled by a neurotic A.I. known as Spaceship Bob. Bob's neuroses are kept in check by the verbally abusive pilot T'Nuk while the ship's inner workings are tended by Gus, the melancholy robotic chief engineer. No one's really sure what job is performed by teen slacker Whip, but everyone has a definite idea of sexy android Six's specialties. Captain Chode, a walking purple blob of rancor, hates his crew and they hate him right back.

However, there are bigger problems to worry about. A battle for the control of the universe is underway -- between the corporate-minded Dark Clowns, who are bent on dominating the galaxy, and the hopelessly conformist Confederation, which will stop at nothing to bring our bumbling antiheroes to injustice. Chode and his far-from-intrepid band, while caught in the middle of the titanic clash, prefer to spend their time traveling (or "tripping") the rift that separates the two warring factions.

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Features on the Tripping The Rift: The Complete First Season DVD set include:

Disc One:

- Original Full-frame Presentation

- Episode Titles: God Is Our Pilot; Mutilation Ball; Miss Galaxy 5000;2001 Space Idiocies; Sidewalk Soiler

Disc Two:

- Original Full-frame Presentation

- Episode Titles: Power to the Peephole; Totally Recalled; Nature Vs. Nuture Vs. Chode; Aliens, Guns And A Monkey

Disc Three:

- Original Full-frame Presentation

- Character Gallery

- Artwork Gallery

- Teleplays (DVD-ROM)

- Episode Titles: Love Conquers All…Er, Almost; The Devil & A Guy Named Webster; Emasculating Chode; Android Love

Produced by CineGroup in association with IDT Entertainment, Tripping The Rift started its galactic journey to the airwaves as an award-winning short film, first airing on the Sci-Fi Channel series "Exposure." Created by Chuck Austen and Chris Moeller (both veterans of the Fox animated series "King Of The Hill"), Tripping The Rift also taps the perverse humor of head writers Lanier Laney & Terry Sweeney (formerly of "Saturday Night Live" and "MadTV"). The voice cast is equally twisted, featuring Stephen Root (Office Space and Dodgeball: A Love Story) as the officious Captain Chode, Gina Gershon (Showgirls) as the oversexed android Six and "Stuttering" John Melendez ("The Howard Stern Show") as the high-strung Spaceship Bob.