As Trolls World Tour arrives digitally, a new music video for Don't Slack from the movie's official soundtrack has been released. The song comes from Anderson .Paak and Justin Timberlake, who are both members of the cast. Anna Kendrick, who returns from the first movie, features in the video and has herself a timely living room dance party. This is the second song from the soundtrack released that features Timberlake, who previously collaborated on The Other Side with SZA.

The video sees Anna Kendrick waking up and trying to go about her daily routine, which is interrupted by the sounds of Anderson .Paak and Justin Timberlake. Eventually, Kendrick succumbs to the rhythm of Don't Slack and winds up dancing around in her pajamas. Some of the characters from the animated sequel pop up as well. Whether or not this can become the hit that Can't Stop the Feeling was as part of the first movie's soundtrack remains to be seen, but that could be difficult to replicate.

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Trolls World Tour is a sequel to 2016's Trolls and the plan was originally to have it be a theatrical release. Instead, since movie theaters all around the world are closed down, Universal Pictures decided to release it to rent online for a premium of $19.99. The situation at hand has forced innovation and this could end up being part of the new normal once this all blows over. But much of that depends on how well this movie does financially, when compared to what it might stand to make at the box office.

Poppy (Anna Kendrick) and Branch (Justin Timberlake) are at the center of Trolls World Tour and it centers on them discovering that they are but one of six different Trolls tribes scattered across six different lands, which each land devoted to a different kind of music: Funk, Country, Techno, Classical, Pop and Rock. A member of hard-rock royalty, Queen Barb (Rachel Bloom), with the help of her father King Thrash (Ozzy Osbourne), seeks to destroy all other kinds of music so that rock can reign supreme. With the fate of the world at stake, Poppy and Branch, with the help of their friends Biggie (James Corden), Chenille (Caroline Hjelt), Satin (Aino Jawo), Cooper (Ron Funches) and Guy Diamond (Kunal Nayyar), set out to visit these other lands to unify the Trolls in harmony against Barb.

Mary J. Blige, George Clinton and Anderson .Paak. make up the land of Funk, while Kelly Clarkson, Sam Rockwell and Flula Borg represent Country, with Ester Dean adding to the Pop tribe. Anthony Ramos represents Techno and Jamie Dornan has smooth jazz covered. Gustavo Dudamel Charlyne Yi represent the land of Classical. Trolls World Tour is directed by Walt Dohrn, who served as co-director on Trolls, and is produced by returning producer Gina Shay. The movie is co-directed by David P. Smith and co-produced by Kelly Cooney Cilella. Be sure to check out the music video for Don't Slack from Justin Timberlake's YouTube channel for yourself.