Yesterday, a rumor started surfacing that Guardians of the Galaxy 2 director James Gunn may be taking the helm on Tron 3, after the filmmaker posted a photo of a Tron light cycle that had "mysteriously shown up" in his conference room on the Disney lot. Around the same time, the Tron Facebook page posted a photo of Flynn's Arcade from 2010's Tron: Legacy, with the cryptic caption "Welcome back," leading fans to assume this long awaited sequel was actually happening. Last night, James Gunn cleared the air on social media in a rather humorous fashion, revealing that he is not, in fact, directing Tron 3.

While the director famously announced earlier this year that he was no longer going to debunk rumors for Guardians of the Galaxy 2, that clearly doesn't apply to movies he isn't even involved in. In his always colorful fashion, James Gunn took to Facebook last night, to not only shut down rumors that he's directing Tron 3, but he also shot down non-existent rumors about his involvement in other sequels. Here's what the filmmaker had to say below.

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"The other day I posted a photo of myself and my friend Jimmy Urine posing with the Tron cycle in our Guardians of the Galaxy boardroom. Increasingly over the past few days I have been getting more and more messages and tweets asking if I am involved in a Tron sequel, which exploded today after a few articles like the one below (which claims I talked about having once been involved with a Tron sequel on a FB live session... which never was, and never happened). No, I am not doing a Tron movie. I was simply taking a photo with a cool prop. We also have a Rocketeer mask displayed in our offices; I am not doing a Rocketeer movie either. I once rode Mater's Junkyard Jamboree, and I am not doing a Cars sequel. And, so I don't fail to mention it, in 2007 I attended a party where Pauly Shore was, and am also not attached to Encino Man 2. Have a wonderful evening, all."

Ironically enough, we reported a few months ago that Rocketeer 2 is actually happening, with the story set in the Cold War, following an African-American female who takes over as the new Rocketeer. A few years ago, Pauly Shore himself revealed during a red carpet interview at the Top Five premiere that he would love to make a sequel to Encino Man, although nothing official is in the works. Unfortunately, it seems James Gunn won't be directing either of these films, nor will he be directing John Lasseter's Cars 3, hitting theaters next summer.

It's been just under six years since Tron: Legacy hits theaters, and over the years there were a number of rumors and various reports about the status of Tron 3. Tron: Legacy stars Garrett Hedlund and Olivia Wilde were reportedly set to return as Sam Flynn and Quorra, with this story picking up right where Tron: Legacy left off, following these characters into the real world. Unfortunately, we reported last May that Disney has chosen not to move forward with the sequel, which spawned an online petition asking Disney to put the sequel into production. While over 50,000 fans signed the petition, they still fell over 24,000 signatures short of their goal, and the petition is currently closed.