Tron: Legacy, released back in 2010, was sadly not a big enough success at the box office at the time, dashing the hopes and dreams of any fan who wished to see a third movie. Despite this, director Joseph Kosinski says the long-delayed Tron 3 could still happen at Disney and suspects it will come down to timing.

"There's always been an interest since Legacy [for a sequel]. There's always been talk and murmuring of doing another and continuing the story. I was in China a few years ago and saw them building the TRON ride in Shanghai, which, apparently, is pretty amazing, I would love to experience that at some point. I think it's still a nice jewel in the crown of Disney IP and I think there are fans and people petitioning and pushing to continue it inside the halls of Disney."
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"So I think it could happen. Like anything, it just needs the right confluence of ... it's all about timing and the right elements and everything's got to come together for a movie to happen. I think it's possible and I think it's worthy of it. I think there's enough ideas in the franchise, and the fact that it is so unique and nothing else looks or sounds like it, that TRON story. There is, I think, a future for the franchise and I hope they keep making them."

Tron: Legacy sees the return of original star Jeff Bridges as Kevin Flynn, the brilliant computer programmer whose disappearance leads his son, Sam, played by Garrett Hedlund, to search for him in and out of the computer world. Sam enters the same neon-lit virtual space that stunned audiences way back when, only now it has become a much more dangerous place than his father intended.

The movie was met with a decidedly mixed reception from critics, and though some elements worked extremely well, the soundtrack mostly, the return to the world of Tron felt disappointingly lackluster. Still, Kosinski has plans for a potential third movie, and feels that he knows exactly what needs to be done to make it a success.

"Whenever a TRON comes out, it needs to push the envelope in some way, or in every way. That's a fundamental requirement of a TRON movie, is it needs to be ambitious on a filmmaking level and hopefully on a narrative level, and the ideas behind it. [Director] Steven Lisberger's ideas for the first movie were so ahead of their time. I think it's imperative that that be a part of any TRON movie."
"I don't ever see TRON being something where you pump one out every two years. You just can't. They're too hard to make. It's got to be a passion project and it's got to really be reaching for something different and innovative and ambitious, because that's in the DNA of it."

Joseph Kosinski is absolutely right, the first Tron did break new ground, and while the followup attempted to do the same with one of the first attempts at de-aging, along with a much more slick version of the mainframe, the movie overall failed to reboot the franchise as successfully as many had hoped.

While we continue to not hold our breath for Tron 3, Kosinski's next movie, Top Gun: Maverick, is set to hit theaters on December 23. This comes to us from