While the rest of America takes the day off in order to prepare a delicious Thanksgiving dinner, there is no rest for the characters in two of the most highly anticipated sci-fi films coming out in the near future. As part of their viral campaigns, both Tron: Legacy and Super 8 have wished their fans a happy holiday via their viral sites in an attempt to stay relevant amongst all the tryptophan and big Wednesday releases that will be dominating this Thursday's activities.

Zack at the Tron: Legacy viral site Flynn Lives has left this message:

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"Over the past two years, we have re-organized, re-energized and re-galvanized our search for the man who brought arcade culture to the mainstream - and we've gotten this far because of you. 

So, take a moment to appreciate one another - we are all seated at the same metaphorical dinner table, and we're almost ready for the main course. Catch up with you next week, everybody!

Josh at the Super 8 viral site Hook, Line, and Minker left this message:

"Ok, it's gonna be a GREAT Thanksgiving! I know some of you wont believe me, I have finally FOUND A COELACANTH. I know, I know, doubt all you want, I'll put the photos up to prove it soon enough! One of my guysctually came through, and he promises he can deliver in early December. For all my searching, honestly, never thought I'd really find one. I thought they were just too rare - but it goes to show you what (possibly unhealthy) persistence can get you.

Needless to say, as soon as it arrives, I will keep you all up to date on my progress. Regular updates for sure. Just crazy. Major tank preparations are under way.

And thanks to a certain someone for being so patient through all this. I promise I won't let it (majorly) interfere with our Thanksgiving plans. I promised a tasty, home cooked meal and I will deliver."

We don't know what any of these messages have to do with the actual movies in question. But I'm sure we'll know in due time.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange