Box Office Magazine recently spoke with Tron: Legacy screenwriters Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis, and they revealed more information on the upcoming Tron: Legacy TV series titled Tron: Uprising.

We first reported on the series last month. Edward Kitsis explained where Tron: Uprising will first start off in the timeline:

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"This animated show will take place from when Flynn is in a safe house. It's from when Clu takes over the grid to before when Sam comes in. So if you were wondering what was the grid like before that, then watch the show."

Horowitz revealed that the animated series would expand on ideas only briefly touched on in Tron: Legacy

"To give you an example of how we approached storytelling sometimes is like when you're in the End of Line club, when we first meet Castor and he's being berated by one of the patrons saying, 'I want an audience with Zuse.' His name is Bartik, and there's an entire back story we have for him. The guy with him, his name is Hopper, there's a whole thing between the two of them, what they are doing in there, and how they got there. It's like over the years of developing this movie, we developed all these mythologies and all these back stories and all little tangential things."

CLICK HERE to read the full article. We'll be sure to keep you posted with any info on Tron: Uprising as soon as we have more information.