Tropic Thunder features Tom Cruise like we've never seen him before. The actor joined Conan O'Brien as a guest down in San Diego at Comic-Con to discuss Top Gun 2: Maverick and get into some of his comedy experiences, which obviously led to some talk about Tropic Thunder. Cruise then became Les Grossman in front of a live audience. Cruise stunned audiences yesterday when he showed up to the annual event and dropped the Top Gun sequel trailer, which has easily been the biggest thing to come out of Comic-Con thus far.

After the surprise Comic-Con appearance, Conan O'Brien had Tom Cruise on his show and the host started talking about a comedy bit that they had previously done in London. Cruise reminded O'Brien that he had a broken foot at the time while O'Brien seemed to be shocked that the actor was so naturally funny. O'Brien had this to say about working with Cruise.

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"The comedy you were doing, you were playing it so well and I was telling people, 'oh my god, Tom Cruise is so great when he does comedy,' and then I remembered, wait a minute, you did it in Tropic Thunder. You killed in Tropic Thunder."

Tom Cruise laughed after Conan O'Brien gave him some praise and then mentioned the name of his Tropic Thunder character: Les Grossman. "Look, I love comedy I used to write sketches when I was a little kid and I would do imitations to make my mother and my sisters laugh," said Cruise. Many fans were shocked to see Cruise in such a drastically different role from anything they'd seen previously, and not a whole lot of people know that he was mainly responsible for the details behind Les Grossman. He then delivered some lines from the movie, much to the surprise of Conan's San Diego Comic-Con audience. The actor yelled, "Stand back and literally f*ck your own face," and the audience went crazy.

"Sometimes you just get an instinct with a character," said Tom Cruise when talking about Les Grossman from Tropic Thunder. In this case, he had to persuade Ben Stiller to let him do his own thing, which involved "fat hands" and hip hop dancing. And in case you were wondering, yes, Cruise took hip hop dancing lessons before taking on the Grossman role in the comedy. That's how far the actor goes to nail a part.

After the makeup team set Tom Cruise up for Tropic Thunder, he showed Ben Stiller what he had in mind on camera. Stiller then went home and edited it to the music that is in the final cut and the rest is history. Cruise knew exactly what he wanted to do and delivered the goods to Stiller, who just simply had to edit the goodness to make Les Grossman come to life on the big screen. Over the years, there has been talk of a Les Grossman standalone comedy movie, which Bill Hader even helped write a script for. But we haven't heard about that in years. Maybe this revisit of the character by Cruise will get the momentum rolling again, even if it has been ten years. You can watch Tom Cruise bring Les Grossman back to life below, thanks to the Team Coco YouTube channel.