The League of Extraordinary Gentleman: According to Entertainment Weekly and other sources, Sean Connery and Director Stephen Norrington have been clashing frequently on set often erupting into shouting matches.

IGN Filmforce has come to us tonight to let us know that producer Don Murphy has issued an official statement about the events:

"Sean wrapped his role entirely this past Monday. He has given a brilliant and exciting performance that film fans will love. He has completed the picture and is happily on the way to the Bahamas. His last act was to shoot a special teaser trailer for the film that is awesome. It will be released in December. Shooting in Prague continues to progress with the rest of the cast. LXG is on its way to being a hugely successful franchise starting July 11, 2003."

Thanks to 'Stax'

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Harry Potter & The Prisoner Of Azkaban: Peter O'Toole might be filling the shoes of Dumbledore according to Dark Horizons.

Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers: Fans are a little upset over the recent UK rating of the the Lord Of The Rings sequel. Here's a scoop The One got a hold of from a Ringer Spy in the UK which outlines the details of the release:

Lord of the Rings: Two Towers (12A*)

Released 13th December

Eagerly awaited sequel to last year's blockbuster The Fellowship of the Ring.

*Contains moderate action, violence and one sex scene.

The listing is wrong. The UK release of The Two Towers is December 18th. And, notice the "sex scene" part at the end? Either this listing is incorrect, the ratings system is really wacky in the UK, or Peter Jackson has unfaithfully portrayed the story in the book, which is really gonna upset the masses if it's true. We'll keep you posted...

Thanks to DH for the scoop.

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Solaris: With 2 shots of George Clooney's behind in place, Steven Soderbergh's new movie get's slapped with a PG rating.

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