Even though Alan Ball's True Blood doesn't debut its third season until next summer, that doesn't mean you can't get a glimpse of some new characters now. Entertainment Weekly's Ausiello Files has gotten a hold of some cassting breakdowns for new characters to be featured in the upcoming third season of True Blood. Take a look at the character breakdowns below.

- Tommy Mickens is a grungy but handsome man in his early '20s who just so happens to be Sam Merlotte's long-lost younger brother. Apparently, at some point he'll be showing his unadorned backside, which, with Sam's similar feral tendency towards the "full moon," proves that they really must be related after all. RELATED: True Blood Season 7, Episode 5 Preview

- After his mysterious abduction, Bill finds himself with the latest addition to the True Blood Gallery of Impossibly Attractive Male Vampires (or the TBGIAMV). Talbot, a bitingly (har har) sarcastic vampire with a model's looks, will appear starting in the second episode as a guide of sorts for the kidnapped vamp.

- More news on the PYT front is the appearance of Jesus Velasquez, an unordinary orderly with a heart to match his good looks.

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