While Elisabeth Moss and Rachel McAdams are said to still be in the running for the female lead in Season 2 of True Detective, creator Nic Pizzolatto and HBO are having a difficult time finding just the right actress to take on the part, and are holding another round of auditions, which includes 7 other actresses, a few more well known than the others.

The network needs to make a decision soon as True Detective gears up for production and a 2015 return date. The Wrap has learned who has been invited back to read for the coveted role this week, though HBO has no comment on the casting as of yet.

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While Elisabeth Moss and Rachel McAdams both looked like the two top contenders, it's become clear that the role is still up for grabs, and could go to anyone at this point in time.

True Detective Season 2 will take place in the lesser known areas of California, where a trio of law enforcement officials investigate a murder that appears to be tied to one shady businessman's deal to construct a high-speed railway system throughout the state that will change public transportation forever. The female lead is Ani Bezzerides, a small town sheriff with a tough demeanor who has a drinking and gambling problem that stems back to her abusive childhood.

The favorite for the role is currently Rosario Dawson. Strong contenders also include Jessica Biel, Malin Akerman, and Jamie Alexander, who you may remember as Sif in Thor.

Lesser known contenders include Oona Chaplin, best known as Robb Stark's wife on Game of Thrones, Brit Marling known for her movies The East and I Origins, and Kelly Reilly who played Mary Watson in the Sherlock Holmes movies.

Whoever wins the role will likely be starring opposite Colin Farrell and Taylor Kitsch as the other two lead detectives. While Rosario Dawson is in the lead with this new round of auditions, it's not known if she is the favorite over Elisabeth Moss and Rachel McAdams. Though it has been speculated that Elisabeth Moss may not want to take on another lead in a series so soon after ending Mad Men and her recent similar role in the crime drama miniseries Top of the Lake.

Rosario Dawson is currently starring in the Netflix series Marvel's Daredevil, though it is not known if she will also be appearing in The Defenders, which will tie all of Netflix's Marvel shows into one epic miniseries. Her role in the Marvel universe has not yet been revealed.