Season 2 of HBO's critically-acclaimed True Detective is starting to turn into the TV version of Star Wars: Episode VII, with more rumors and unconfirmed details circulating than actual facts. HBO hasn't even officially issued a Season 2 renewal yet, but that is merely a foregone conclusion at this point, since we have known for months that series creator Nic Pizzolatto has been working on the scripts. Today, we have even more unconfirmed information from Film Divider, which reveals the season will deal with corruption and addiction, centering on the California transportation system.

Nic Pizzolatto wouldn't confirm whether or not Season 2 centers on the secret occult history tied to California's transportation system last week, but this new report reveals the season centers on a corrupt scheme to link Northern and Southern California together through a high-speed train, which ties into land ownership and state grants. The plot has been compared to the film classic Chinatown, but, of course, we won't know for sure until these details are confirmed.

Last week's report revealed that the season will have four lead actors, but this new report says that there will be three main characters, two men and a woman, all law enforcement officials from different parts of California. Film Divider speculates that Nic Pizzolatto may have been referring to the three main detectives and a "nefearious entrepreneur" when he said this season will have four main characters.

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Colin Farrell is in talks for one of the main characters, who has issues with cocaine and anger management. Taylor Kitsch is reportedly up to play a member of the California Highway Patrol, who has been suspended for "sexually exploiting a young woman he pulled over." This information contradicts last week's report, which indicated Taylor Kitsch is playing the younger partner of Colin Farrell's character. The third main character is a female sheriff from Monterey who has also had a troubled past. This is likely the role that Jessica Chastain was being sought for in May, which she eventually turned down.

The season's mystery begins with the murder of Ray Casper, the City Manager of a fictional California city, and the occult will also play a factor into the season, with another early murder victim found with satanic symbols carved into his flesh. There have also been reports that the story is set in the 1980s, but the Internet is reportedly featured as part of a plot device, so it is expected that the season will have a more contemporary setting.

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