/vince-vaughn-in-early-talks-for-true-detective-season-2/Yesterday, it was announced that Vince Vaughn is in early talks to take on one of four main roles in True Detective Season 2. Now, it looks like Mad Men star Elisabeth Moss is also circling one of these four lead characters, with The Killing's Michelle Forbes looking to sign on in some capacity as well.

If he signs on, Vince Vaughn will play the main protagonist, though it is noted that he may not necessarily be the villain or a murderer, as True Detective is primarily a mystery based series. Elisabeth Moss is eyeing the lead female detective, while it is not known which role Michelle Forbes is currently vying for.

Colin Farrell, who will star as the lead detective, is close to wrapping up his deal. Taylor Kitsch is still the frontrunner to play a younger detective. HBO has not yet confirmed any casting for the crime drama.

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The Wrap received a story breakdown for this upcoming season of the hit series. The main plot will follow the death of Ben Caspar, a corrupt city manager of a fictional California town. He is found gruesomely murdered amid a groundbreaking transportation deal that could potentially change freeway gridlock in the entire state. Three law enforcement officers from different cities and branches of government must come together to work on the case, hurrying to find out who committed the crime. They soon come to realize that this murder stretches further than they could have imagined, and it holds very broad and dark implications.

The body of 52-year-old Caspar is found along a lonely stretch of the Pacific Coast Highway near Big Sur, with Satanic symbols carved into the flesh on his chest. He is discovered to have a fondness for rough sex, and may have been the member of a satanic cult.

Vince Vaughn is wanted as Frank Semyon, a former thug-turned-businessman who is working to spearhead the construction of a high-speed railway system along with the mayor and his local political cohorts. This new railway will connect Southern and Northern California, with Semyon hoping to lock down a federal grant and land purchases.

Elisabeth Moss is up for the role of Ani Bezzerides, a tough Monterey sheriff with an alcohol and gambling problem. She is a no-nonsense enforcer who has had a troubled upbringing. If Colin Farrell finalizes his deal, he will play detective Ray Velcoro, who has suffered years of turmoil both in the field and in his own personal life. Taylor Kitsch is up for the role of Paul Woodrugh, a handsome, 28-year-old military veteran who has also led a troubled life.

While no character details have been revealed for Michelle Forbes, it is believed that she will either play Colin Farrell's ex-wife or Vince Vaughn current wife.

HBO is currently seeking directors for these upcoming new episodes of True Detective as Nic Pizzolatto continues to work on the scripts. While Cary Fukunaga directed the entirety of True Detective Season 1, HBO does not expect one director to take on the full responsibility of all episodes this time out, though it's possible that each new director will handle 2 or 3 episodes apiece.

Andrew Dominik is believed to be one of the director HBO approached for the series, but he may be too busy with the Marilyn Monroe biopic Blonde to come aboard. Interestingly enough, Jessica Chastain, the star of that movie, was also said to be up for the lead female detective role, but she eventually passed. Also in contention to direct is William Friedkin, best known for his horror classic The Exorcist.

HBO has not confirmed any of the above information.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
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