Paramount Pictures has moved the release date of The Coen Brothers' Western Remake True Grit up from December 25th, Christmas Day, a Saturday, to the more economically viable date of December 22nd, a Wednesday.

The switch gives the movie a three-day head start heading into the holiday weekend, which will now allow it to garner stronger word of mouth. It also puts the film in direct competition with the family friendly Gulliver's Travels and the grown-up comedy Little Fockers. The three holiday releases are different enough from each other, and aiming for slightly different demographics, so there should be plenty of breathing room come Christmas Day.

The decision to move True Grit came after The Coen Brothers screened the Western for Paramount executives. They were impressed enough to make the move, hoping that the three extra days would serve as a sneak preview of sorts for the adult audience the film is trying to nab. This information was provided by Deadline.