Australian site What's Playing has learned that actor/pro wrestler John Cena is being considered for the new TV series based on the 1994 True Lies movie.

We reported back in September that ABC ordered a pilot, which was written by René Echevarria. According to an anonymous source, who works for an unnamed company that deals with Lightstorm Entertainment, the producers are now looking at John Cena to star in the pilot. Here's what the source said:

"[company removed] does a bit of work with Lightstorm. I've been involved in a new 3D animated over at [company removed]. Had heard Tuesday that the True Lies telemovie and the series that will follow, which Lightstorm are doing, are looking at John Cena. Don't know if he'd be a new character or Schwarzenegger's character from the film. It's still early because they're only on the first draft but thought you'd like to know what kind of 'type' they're considering for the show."

Of course, none of this is confirmed yet, but this isn't the first time John Cena's name has popped up in recent months. We reported last month that he is a possible contender to star in the Superman reboot at Warner Bros. Another story from earlier this month revealed John Cena is interested in taking over the Batman franchise after Christian Bale's final performance as Batman/Bruce Wayne in The Dark Knight Rises, which could possibly be a television series.

We'll be sure to keep you posted with any and all news surrounding the True Lies TV series and John Cena's acting gigs as soon as we have more information.