The Good

A very entertaining look at parts of the world that amazingly allow life to exist there.

The Bad

Flimsy packaging.

True-Life Adventures, Vol. 1: Wonders of the World is a look at some of the coldest and wettest places on earth and the amazing creatures that not only live there, but also have managed to carve out a highly successful life for themselves. This DVD gives us a glimpse at the strikingly cold climate that certain animals exist in, as well as valleys and other areas that miraculously prove themselves to be conducive to spawning life. While I can't say this two disc set is going to give March of the Penguins a run for it's money, it certainly does present another interesting look at adorable animals surviving in less than ideal conditions.

You should see True-Life Adventures, Vol. 1: Wonders of the World if for no other reason than to marvel at the places it presents.


Mysteries of the Deep and Wonders of the Water World

Cameras are into the water as we get to see the amazing wonders of the ocean. What is so interesting here is how, with what would be considered primitive technology by today's standards, they were able to capture this footage. I really took a lot of from this because the image quality was so strong, and what was being presented was nothing short of groundbreaking for that time. Today, you can go out and buy the kind of equipment they used, but back then it certainly wasn't so easy to come by.

The Crisler Story

Tribute to James Algar

James Algar was Disney's Naturalist and winner of 9 Academy Awards for the films he made in his lifetime. This is a nice look back at a man who started off drawing for this company, and then eventually innovated some of the more interesting films the studio would create. When one considers the wealth of talent that has come from the ranks of Disney, it really gives one pause to realize how much the Mouse House has given to world.

Backstage with Roy Disney


Full Screen - 1.33:1. Like the other True-Life Adventure DVDs that I have reviewed, the picture quality on these discs was very solid. It seems almost as if the images really gained something in their compression to DVD. Everything looked really strong and well put together, but what really struck me was how good the colors looked. If you want a great video focusing on this aspect of nature you need look no further.


Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono - The audio on these discs was very well put together. What Disney does so well is merge music that makes it seem like your accomplishing something, with narration that can best be described as mellifluous. Everything thing about the audio seems like it has been treated with tender loving care.


Two walruses appear to be kissing with a snowy backdrop behind them on this simply stated front cover. The back offers up a few shots from the documentaries on this DVD set, a description of these discs contents, a Special Features listing and system specs. Both discs are neatly stored inside two trays, and Disney is once again to be commended for making this set accessible and less daunting that other similar types of films.

Final Word

I knew I was going to like True-Life Adventures, Vol. 1: Wonders of the World because I have long been amazed that both animals and people can survive in these conditions. While I think that people certainly couldn't stand these environments as long as the animals, to just see this world up close is a very amazing thing. There is something serenely and simply beautiful about this environment that has been put on screen. I'll never understand how they were able to go into these locations and capture what they did, but because of these filmmakers, we have a piece of cinema that gives us an honest glimpse of a very special place.

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