Welcome to primetime, people. Robert Englund thinks it would be a good idea if we all tuned into his new Travel Channel series, True Terror with Robert Englund, this evening. The long-awaited show takes a look at real-life horror from American history and has the Nightmare on Elm Street star narrating stories ripped straight from the headlines. In other words, it sounds like the perfect distraction horror fans could use at this time.

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Robert Englund recently spoke about what attracted him to True Terror and its history. "As you get older, you tend to like history more. I don't know what it is about the aging process, but as I get older, I get really excited about history," said the Freddy Krueger actor. "I just read this book called Devil in the White City, about the serial killer at the Chicago World's Fair. I just love this stuff." Sometimes truth is really stranger than fiction, which is where True Terror fits in perfectly.

It wasn't just the historical aspect that made True Terror something he wanted to be involved in. "It's not just something that was said around a campfire. They're not myths, they're not rumors," says Englund. The show tackles everything from the supernatural to Sasquatch and everything in between. Englund had this to say about the stories they tell on the series.

"Some of them are urban legends now, but they didn't begin that way. What I like about it, is every single story we tell was chronicled in an American newspaper back in the 19th [century] and even as far back as the 18th century and the early 20th century. I love that it has that certain amount of cred."

Obviously, some of Robert Englund's approach to True Terror is coming from Freddy Krueger and A Nightmare on Elm Street. But, he's been citing Vincent Price and The Twilight Zone's Rod Serling as influences on his narrative delivery. In fact, the Serling influence is already giving Englund ideas for season 2, which sounds pretty exciting. He explains.

"If you remember in later episodes of The Twilight Zone, [Serling] would actually be on a set. The camera would move over and discover him... I would love, [for] the next season, to go to some of the [locations] because they're finding these great locations [for the recreations] in and around Richmond, Virginia."

True Terror with Robert Englund premieres on the Travel Channel tonight, March 18th, at 10pm EST. That's 7pm on the West Coast, so set your DVRs or set your reminder alarms accordingly. Englund is really excited for fans to check out the series and tonight might be the best place to dive in. The first episode contains a story about a man who dreamt of his own demise, which is sounds very familiar for some reason... You can check out a special message from Robert Englund's Twitter account below.

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Kevin Burwick