Oliver Stone has explained why making a movie about President Donald Trump would be difficult. Stone made JFK, Nixon, and W., so he's no stranger to tackling presidents on the big screen, but Trump would prove to be a whole other experience, especially during these current times. Trump has proven to be quite divisive all over the world since taking office back in 2016. He is currently in the process of running for reelection with his eyes on a second term.

Since Trump announced his candidacy, he and the GOP turned the world of politics into a giant circus, which some find to be quite entertaining. There are too many things that have gone on, both good and bad, since he took office and many believe that a movie about Trump would be a goldmine. Here's what director Oliver Stone had to say about the possibility of a Trump movie happening.

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"Oh, it could be except he's changing the script every day. He can outperform any movie. It'd be crazy to make a movie [now]. He's quite a performer, you know, he reminds me of King Lear. He's quite mad, in a way. He's, you know, 'Which daughter loves me more?' You know he wants to be loved so much, and he's so tyrannical. I don't know if he realizes some of the things he says, but it's so dopey."

Obviously, Oliver Stone is not a big fan of Donald Trump's presidency, but he does point out that Trump is a natural performer. Also, it's safe to say that Stone won't be tackling a movie about the Trump administration any time soon. We'll have to wait and see if he wins the 2020 election and gets his second term. If he does, there will be a lot more stories to tell.

Oliver Stone is currently out promoting his new memoir, which was just released. The book is titled Chasing the Light: Writing, Directing, and Surviving Platoon, Midnight Express, Scarface, Salvador and the Movie Game. The director details his life in the entertainment industry through all of his ups and downs over the years, including a drug smuggling charge that nearly landed him in jail for years.

While the stories in Chasing the Light are plentiful, Oliver Stone reveals how he got to where he is now, noting that talent is only one piece to the puzzle. Most of the director's success come from his iron will and his drive to make and tell the stories exactly as he envisions him. If Stone were to make a Donald Trump movie, he would stop at nothing until it was done and in theaters. The interview with Oliver Stone was originally conducted by Deadline.