Jason Blum was booed off stage at the Israel Film Festival in Los Angeles last night. The Halloween and Get Out producer was there accepting his Achievement in Film and Television Award when he started to talk about the midterm elections and criticized President Donald Trump in the process. Blum's remarks about Trump elicited boos and whistling from certain members of the crowd who disagreed with the producer, and one man even charged at Blum from the audience.

Things started off pretty well at the event with Israeli director Avi Nesher receiving the Cinematic Achievement award earlier in the evening. Nesher also made some political comments, but he did not receive the same treatment that Jason Blum received. Blum took to the stage and immediately started talking about the midterm elections. He had this to say.

"Tonight we have much to celebrate with the opening of the 32nd Israeli Film Festival but at the same time today Americans went to the polls to exercise our right to vote, I have been quietly checking my phone and we're doing pretty well. The election results are pouring in as I speak and a lot is on the line."

Jason Blum went even further, taking jabs at President Trump, which really got the crowd upset. The boos grew louder and other audience members started to whistle at the producer. However, Blum was undeterred and kept on giving his speech. He explains.

"The great thing about this country is that you can like Trump, but I don't have to, and I can say what I feel about it -- and I don't like it! As you can see from this auditorium, it's the end of civil discourse... We have a president who calls the press the enemy of the people. Thanks to our president, anti-Semitism is on the rise."

After the anti-Semitism comments, Yossi Dina, an Israeli pawnbroker from the reality show Beverly Hills Pawn, stormed up from the audience to the stage and attempted to physically pull Blum from the mic. The boos continued and people started to leave in protest to what Blum was saying as well as for the reactions from certain members of the crowd. The producer was finally escorted from the stage.

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Even though there were many people that were booing Jason Blum, there were more people who were supporting his words. The Israel Film Festival is incredibly lucky that a riot didn't break out and that the violence was stopped. It's a divisive time to talk about politics in public places, as Blum learned last night. Regardless, Blum seems okay after the situation, and he went on Twitter to deliver the entirety of his intended speech. You can watch a video of the whole debacle as well as Blum's tweet's below, thanks to The Hollywood Reporter Twitter account.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick