Disney's decision to add Donald Trump to the Hall of Presidents attraction was a controversial one and the internet is having a good time with animatronic Trump, Photoshopping his head on to the real Trump and even a video of a man chanting "lock him up!" during the animatronic speech. These are just a few examples of the comedy gold coming forth from the newly remodeled Hall of Presidents, but some are failing to see the humor in the memes and videos spreading across the internet like wildfire. However, most of the humor is meant in good fun.

Sketch comedian Jay Malsky earned some attention earlier this week for a stunt he recorded at Walt Disney World. The actor, a frequent critic of President Donald Trump, was at the theme park's Hall of Presidents exhibit this week and shared the experience on Twitter. In what he labeled a protest, he repeatedly shouted, "Lock him up!" throughout the newly added portion of the program that included audio from Trump's inauguration ceremony. People can be heard yelling at Malsky to shut up while another person reminds him that the animatronic Trump isn't real. Jay Malsky wrote that he took the opportunity because he believed he'd "never get this close in real life" to the target of his demonstration.

While Jay Malsky's protest may have come from a place of criticism of the President of the United States, Twitter user Born Miserable took to Photoshopping the animatronic Donald Trump's head on to real pictures of the President and the results are hilarious. Many believe that the animatronic Trump was actually preemptively made into Hillary Clinton first since the head has more than a passing resemblance to Mrs. Clinton, so that also adds another layer of humor into the expert Photoshopping skills. The animatronic head shows up in some family photos as well as at some high level speeches with Vice President Mike Pence cheering him on.

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Both the heckling of the animatronic Donald Trump and its existence have gained some pretty amusing reactions from social media. Twitter user Craigé Schmuckatelli asked aloud, "Is heckling an animatronic Trump a step up from screaming at the sky?" While other users say that it was a worthy protest. The general consensus seems to be that Jay Malsky's chanting ruined the experience for the other patrons of Disney World. Regardless, it's still pretty funny and deserves to be watched.

The animatronic Donald Trump officially joined the Hall of Presidents cast on December 19th. On Thursday, Orlando Weekly pointed out perhaps the most notable thing about Jay Malsky's protest: "We're honestly a bit surprised it took this long to happen." It is pretty amazing that both the Photoshop job and the protest did take this long, but sometimes comedy takes time. You can check out Jay Malsky's animatronic protest along with some awesome pictures of animatronic Trump pasted on to real Trump below, courtesy of Earnest Gay Thoughts' Twitter account.

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