We've been hearing news about the total solar eclipse for weeks now and it has been made abundantly clear by everybody from optometrists to 5-year olds: Do not stare at the sun during the eclipse. Donald Trump, not one to listen to the nasty "fake news" media set out to be a true hero this morning by bravely staring into the sun without protective eyewear. Say what you want about Trump dodging the Vietnam War; this may be the ultimate sign of bravery.

According to USA Today, Trump stared into the eclipse for a bit without protective eyewear on a balcony of the White House before aides started yelling, "don't look!" Everybody knows not to stare directly at the eclipse, but when you're as brave as Trump is, you don't need any protective goggles that make you look "sad" or like a total "loser." In the end, Melania and 11-year old Barron Trump were somehow able to persuade the U.S. President to look "sad" with his protective eyewear, but he had stared in the sun for quite sometime before acknowledging their may be some truth in those fake news media alerts that haven't changed since the last time we had a total eclipse in 1979.

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Donald Trump has been on vacation for the last 17 days, though many found it hard to discern a Trump vacation from business as usual since he appeared too do his normal routine of golfing and tweeting at 3am. Trump ended his vacation by letting his Chief Strategist, Steve Bannon go, some believe for eclipsing Trump's own popularity.

It is unclear at this time if the eclipse caused any permanent damage to Trump's eyes, but we will be able to find out if he's able to read off of the teleprompter tonight during his press conference this evening on Afghanistan at 6pm Pacific Time. It is rumored that Trump is going to ask the American people to trust his instincts on a new Afghanistan strategy that may or may not include war after his brave actions of staring directly at the eclipse without protection.

Many political insiders believe that the blatant bravery of staring into the sun was a silent message to Trump critics and enemies of the United States around the world. Donald Trump will not stand down when the troubles come down, he will stare at them directly without protective eyewear to show his amazing bravery while calling them idiots and total losers. Trump's not going to say that he's the bravest man on the planet, but he's going to say it anyway even though he doesn't have to after today's brilliant display of bravery. Take that, "fake news" media, there's a new sheriff in town and his name is Donald J. Trump. You can witness the epic pictures of Trump's bravery below when it came to today's Total Eclipse.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick