In breaking news, comedian and sometimes actor Tom Arnold claims to have a tape of Donald Trump assaulting a woman in an elevator. It isn't clear at this point if this has been caught on video, or it is audio only. He has DM'd information about the damning evidence to two of Trump's associates, AJ Benza and David Pecker. The evidence is being compared to the Ray Rice Tape. And Arnold has spent the better part of Saturday calling out people live on Twitter. Brian Krassenstein was the first to point to this breaking story on social media, saying this.

"BREAKING: Tom Arnold is calling out Two Trump Associates, AJ Benza & David Pecker on Twitter, claiming there is a tape in which Trump assaults a woman in an elevator similar to the "Ray Rice Tape". He's calling people out live. Check out his Twitter now!"
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Tom Arnold doesn't appear to be afraid of Trump, or what might happen to him if the tape gets out. When someone on social media compared Trump to a mob boss, Arnold shrugs it off, saying, 'So is my Sister.' There are phone conversations happening at this moment about the tape. Arnold goes into say this about any repercussions coming his way.

"I'm from Iowa. I worked on the kill floor of a meat packing plant for 3 years and I was married to Roseanne for 5. Nothing scares me anymore."

Tom Arnold made a threat to release the tape after it was reported Trump is privately claiming the infamous Access Hollywood tape where he talks about assaulting woman with Billy Bush is a fake. Arnold asserts that Trump is denouncing the older tape up as fake because he is, 'setting his base up for what's coming next. Let's pray this is where we all draw the line and go back to truth.' He had this to say to Aj Benza.

"Have you or anyone you know or work with ever covered up potentially damaging evidence involving Donald J Trump? I'm asking you if you've ever heard of Pecker being involved in the acquisition of any materials that might make Trump look bad like the payoff, employment & NDA of Trump's Playmate GF? AJ you're a good guy but this is a post Weinstein world & everything is going to be public. I don't care about a man's moral failures but Trump is supporting a pedophile for US Senate so if you've heard things involving teenagers or violence DM me before it's too late."

Apparently Tom Arnold has already gotten the tapes into someone's hands who can officially release whatever may be on the tape. About trying to protect AJ Benza and David Pecker, he says this.

"If you're paying attention the train has left the station. I'm compassionately giving them the opportunity to jump aboard so when this is over they can hold their heads high."

Back in December 2016, Tom Arnold claimed to have tapes from Celebrity Apprentice that showed Donald Trump using inflammatory language. But he never claimed to have proof of sexual harassment. About the pervious tape, Arnold said this.

"When the people sent it to me, it was funny. He wasn't going to be president of the United States. It was him sitting in that chair using the N-word, using the C-word, calling his son [intellectually disabled]."

Arnold later claimed that death threats against his family kept him from ultimately releasing the tape. A lot of people on social media are calling Tom Arnold out now, saying he is a liar, and that he is making false promises. You can check put his stream of tweets here. More will break on this story soon.