After months of delays, Walt Disney World has finally unveiled its animatronic Donald Trump, which resides in the Hall of Presidents show. Trump will make his public debut in the Hall of Presidents on Tuesday, but there have been sneak peeks that have been released online and the results are, much like the president, divisive. Some say that the animatronic Trump is frightening, but what animatronic figure isn't? After visitors of Disney World spotted the new addition to the Hall of Presidents in a soft opening, it began to trend on Twitter with plenty of unflattering remarks about the sitting president. Surprisingly, Trump has not tweeted about the attraction yet, but he's probably currently busy with his lawyers.

According to the New York Times, Donald Trump makes a short speech, which the Donald recorded himself, about being optimistic and always striving to be better in America. The newly revamped 25-minute show finds a silicone-skinned version of Donald Trump, joining his 44 presidential predecessors. He stands next to a seated Abraham Lincoln in the center of the stage with his signature hair, suit jacket unbuttoned, and his tie dangling extra low, just like the real thing.

Twitter user, Oh Hi Mark, said, "That Trump animatronic looks scarier than the real thing," while another user said, "In a surprise twist, Disney will rename the attraction Hall of Presidents and that one loud a$$hole." Others spoke in Trump's defense asking what took so long to get the 45th president included in the prestigious hall. Twitter Michael Oliver stated that he was happy to finally see his president recognized while also being glad that he has a premium pass that allows him to go on blackout days. Tomorrow is a blackout day, in case you were wondering.

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The Hall of Presidents is one of Disney World's oldest attractions, first opening in 1971. Visitors are treated to a short film on the history of the American presidency, followed by the grand reveal of sort of exactingly-crafted audio-animatronic versions of every president to date. Lincoln, Washington, and the sitting president all deliver short speeches. Disney said the robotic replica includes some of the latest advancements in technology, which enables smoother and more lifelike movements. In addition to Trump, the show now has new lights and huge sound updates that are the best that anybody has ever seen.

While the attraction was closed for refurbishing, there was movement among those who oppose Donald Trump to exclude him or his voice from the attraction. An online petition gathered more than 15,000 signatures in just a short few days. But this summer, Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Iger said that Trump had agreed to record for the Hall of Presidents. Every sitting president since Bill Clinton entered office has had a speaking part, Disney has said. Trump's part of his speech is actually taken from the same speech he made during the inauguration. The Hall of Presidents is now open to the public at Walt Disney World, so go ahead and salute the animatronic Donald Trump. You can read more about the new attraction in the Hall of Presidents courtesy of New York Times.

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