Oscar winning actor and festival co-founder Robert De Niro was present at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York over the weekend, taking a shot at President Donald Trump prior to a Yesterday screening. Referencing the movie's plot which is set in a world where The Beatles cease to exist, De Niro jokes that he'd love to see a similar movie showing what life would be like if there was no Donald Trump. "The world wakes up and has never heard of The Beatles," De Niro said about the movie, leading into his joke about the president. "It made me sad but it gave me an idea for another film, one in which the world wakes up and has never heard of Trump. That would be a film that would make us all really happy." Reportedly, the comments drew enthusiastic applause from the audience.

De Niro insulting the president of the United States is nothing new for the actor. Just last month, De Niro took some shots at Trump during an appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. According to De Niro on the show, the president is a "wannabe gangster" who no longer deserves the benefit of the doubt as he's "proven himself to be a total loser." Last year, De Niro also made headlines when he repeatedly said "F---- Trump," on stage at the Tony Awards, which reportedly resulted in a standing ovation from the crowd.

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Written by Richard Curtis (Love Actually) and directed by Danny Boyle (Slumdog Millionaire), Yesterday stars Himesh Patel as a musician who wakes up after an accident to discover the music of The Beatles no longer exists. In a world where nobody knows the music of the Fab Four but himself, the musician capitalizes by performing the songs from memory and claiming them as his own, achieving great fame and success. Also starring in the movie are Lily James, Kate McKinnon, and Edward Sheeran. Following its recent world premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival, Yesterday will be released in theaters on June 28.

As an actor, De Niro has several new movies set to release this year. He will appear in a new family comedy movie as the titular grandfather in The War with Grandpa, facing a mischievous grandson's plans to make him move out of the house. In the lead role, De Niro will also star in the upcoming biopic The Irishman as Frank Sheeran, a mobster who claimed shortly before his death to be the one who killed missing labor union leader Jimmy Hoffa. De Niro is set to appear in Todd Phillips' upcoming Joker movie as well, which will hit theaters on Oct. 4. In the DC movie, De Niro will play Murray Franklin, a talk show host who plays a pivotal role in the Joker's descent into insanity.

De Niro may not have been serious when he pitched the President Donald Trump movie, but the concept is still interesting. Of course, those who oppose Trump would picture it showing the world as a much better place without the former reality TV star sitting in the Oval Office. Meanwhile, Trump supporters would likely picture something along the lines of armageddon instead. In any case, don't invest too much energy into De Niro's comments, because they were made in jest and it's not likely to happen. This information comes to us from USA Today.

Jeremy Dick at Movieweb
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