President Trump and his administration compiled a horrifying reel of video game violence and uploaded it to YouTube. The 88-second video instantly went viral with many people calling it "awesome." In the wake of the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Florida, Trump suggested that violent video games and movies were to blame for the rise of gun violence in the United States. The president went as far as to suggest that movies have a rating system, which they obviously already do.

Donald Trump brought his administration together with top executives in the video game industry and members of congress to discuss the overabundance of violence in today's video games. To drive Trump's agenda further, the White House prepared a video that was over a minute in length of some of the goriest aspects of video games. After the meeting, the White House put the compilation up on YouTube and it quickly went viral, gaining over 600,000 views in a few hours, earning more views than Trump's inauguration video. The video has since been taken down to the "unlisted" status.

The meeting was reportedly hastily assembled and unorganized according to people who were in attendance. Most of the scenes from the video were from the Call of Duty series and features men getting their necks chopped off, neck stabbings, heads being shot off, and all kinds of other choice material. Many have criticized the meeting, claiming that Donald Trump is ignoring the issues. Some even called it a purposeful distraction from more concrete gun control measures. Whatever the case may be, the internet quickly fell in love with the violent compilation reel that the White House put together. After the video concluded, Trump said, "This is violent, isn't it?"

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The games included in the violent video reel are all rated "M," which means that the games are for mature audiences only, ages 17 or older, by the video game industry's Entertainment Software Rating Board. The games included in the violent montage include Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Wolfenstein: The New Order, Dead by Daylight, Fallout 4, and Sniper Elite 4. Donald Trump and his administration are trying to correlate the rise of gun violence in the United States to the violence in video games and movies.

The Entertainment Software Association released a statement afterwards noting that they had talked about the "numerous scientific studies" that have proven that there is no direct correlation to video game violence and real-life violence. The statement brings up the First Amendment as well and argued that the rating system that is set in place is sufficient in helping parents decide which games are okay for their children to play. Basically, nothing came out of this meeting except for an incredibly violent video game montage that has gone viral. You can check out Donald Trump's White House violent video game reel below, courtesy of The White House's YouTube channel. It should be noted that you will not be able to see the video if your device is on restricted mode. Also, the video is really violent, so you've been warned.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick