Wild Eye Releasing will finally unleash Milko Davis' Tsunambee to the masses on June 13th, 2017 via VOD. The movie officially way premiered back in April of 2015, and it's been relatively quiet around the upcoming release of Tsunambee ever since then. But there was quite the buzz about it when the first posters for the movie dropped at the Cannes Film Festival. The movie definitely takes some cues from the Sharknado phenomenon, it's name for starters, but it has also taken horror to a level not seen in that popular flying shark series.

The trailer from Wild Eye Releasing sets up Tsunambee with a quote: "How do you eradicate an entire species before it spreads?" While the trailer doesn't share any answers, it certainly does hint towards a few ideas. The plot for the horrific bee movie is as follows.

"After atmospheric catastrophes send Los Angeles into chaos, three groups of survivors who escaped the city must put aside their differences to face a series of apocalyptic events. As they learn to work together they are faced with an even greater nightmare, giant gravity swells that contain thousands of giant killer bees, intent on ushering in the end of the world."

As the tagline says, "This is gonna sting a little." Tsunambee is looking like a horror tour de force with giant waves of bees and a healthy dose of zombies thrown into the mix, which makes one wonder why this hasn't ever been done before; bees and zombies like peanut butter and sandwiches.

Tsunambee could start the age-old debate: Who would win in a battle, a Tsunambee or a Sharknado? After watching the trailer, I'm convinced that there actually wouldn't bee a battle, but more of a truce or agreement. The bees would sting the sharks and turn them into bee/shark/zombie hybrids, aka the ultimate buzzkill, which can now pretty much take over the entire world after leaving Los Angeles. Tsunambee looks entertaining enough as it is, but I can't help but think that this is a missed opportunity for both parties.

Director and writer Milko Davis made Tsunambee in his hometown of Colorado Springs, Colorado and it's a very "homegrown" project. All of the actors are either from Colorado Springs or from Denver, most being friends of Davis' or his wife. Davis utilized a green screen and sound booth from his local library in Colorado Springs and shot the movie in various areas around town in locations to give a feeling of Los Angeles. Davis' past directing credits are Raiders of the Dead and Z/Rex: The Jurassic Dead}. One of Davis' major goals for his movies is to bring awareness to the local filmmakers in Colorado Springs and to set up funding for student movies and or projects.

Tsunambee hits the VOD platform on June 13th, 2017 and is a pretty much-guaranteed good time for fans of campy, independent horror. June 13th is less than 24 hours away, plenty of time for you to carve out some time and gain a new phobia of bees that you didn't know that you had. Check out the poster art and trailer for Tsunambee below.

Tsunambee Poster
Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick